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I've been leaning toward the 225i. But I listen to a bunch of other stuff like post rock, ambient, and acoustic that I think the k/q701/702 would handle well. Plus they're so damn gorgeous. thanks!I was actually looking at those tonight. Thanks!It's a shame the hd25 feel so uncomfortable as they sound pretty damn good. If you want to try an iem with a similar sound SIG, the vsonic gr07 mkii would be a good choice.Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
Bump. Anyone?Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
Need a recommendation for a new set of cans. I listen to mostly metal/post-hardcore/rock/acoustic. Will be listening at home with a fiio e07k. I have a DT880 premium 250ohm that I really love, a DT990 pro 250ohm which I like, an HD25-1ii that I really love, and a Custom One Pro which I tolerate. My current iems are GR07 mk2. I guess I just want something different sounding. Right now I've been thinking of the sr225i or the Q701. My only issue with the 225i is the comfort...
GR07 MKii get my vote. Can't see the poll on tapatalk, but that would be my choice. I listen to similar music and the GR07 MKii are pretty much exactly what you're after. The bass is deep and fast and makes drums sound amazing for that type of music. Plus the soundstage is nice for an IEM and it's very clear with great highs. The mids are present enough and make guitars and vocals sound great for this type of music, too. Some have complained about sibilance in the upper...
+1 for the GR07. I've never heard the LCD2 but I love my GR07 as much as my DT990 Pro.Sent from my Galaxy SIII
Yes. The GR07 are really great iems and are really good for those genres. I listen to mostly metal and rock and love how these sound with that type of music. The bass is strong and fast enough to keep up with rock and guitars sound amazing on them. The bass won't satisfy a basshead but it does go crazy low. There's plenty for your type of music. Try them out for a while and return them if you don't like them. :-) They're the best iem I've heard and handle an eq well...
Vsonic GR07 mkii Sent from my Galaxy SIII
I'm coming from iems like the Brainwavz M3, Beats iems, and various skullcandy iems. Compared to those, these wowed me. While they're not quite as impressive as my 990s, they do a lot for such a tiny package. I'm sure there are plenty that are much much better, but for the price, I certainly can't complain at all. :-)Sent from my Galaxy SIII
I just joined the club as my MKII came in today. Wow. These things are freaking amazing. Straight out of the box they're almost competing with my DT990 in sound quality. I can't believe how crisp the sound is. And to think I was afraid of a lack of bass. The bass in these is beyond perfect. Nowhere near bass head level, but it's just so deep and clean. I finally found a keeper for iems :-) Sent from my Galaxy SIII
Thanks for the suggestion. I am a Beyer fanboy, so those might work for me. I'm also considering the GR07, triplefi 10, and the Ath ckm 500. The ckm are last on my list right now since they're Japan imports unless they have the sound I'm looking for. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy SIII
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