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Anyone know what the maximum SD card size supported is? I'd check the website but it always seems to be offline. Thanks :) Edit: Also, thanks for the info about the 24-bit flac files. I didn't even know there was a difference. Silly me! Now I'm much more educated heh
I've been having the same problems with mine. It skips through entire albums this way. Also been having issues with it not detecting anywhere near the full amount of songs on my 32gb microsd card
PM sent
Yeah sure no problem! I'm really intrigued by all the different headphones out there. Really want to check out Beyer stuff and if anyone has a markl modded d5000 woke be interested to see how different the sound is. I'll say add me to the list of people going :P
I'd really like to go to this, but I've never traveled to Long Island before. Would be taking public transit from Port Authority Bus Terminal, but unsure where to go from there.   Gear I have is a Hisoundaudio Rocoo P, Millet starving student amp, D3 DAC, Denon AH-D5000, Fiio e7, and Grado SR80i. I'm just really interested to demo other gear and see how it all sounds :)
Yeah I don't find the clamping very uncomfortable either. Just meant as an aesthetic change, not a comfort one :) I find the Grados pretty comfortable, providing I take a break once an hour for about 10 minutes. Heck, even taking a quick break between sides of an LP seems to do the trick.
Yeah that was my initial thought. Maybe I'll play around with superficial stuff like painting the casing/replacing the headband. Basically, stuff that doesn't alter the drivers or the cans in any way, and just leave the sound quality the way it is :)
Had to post in this thread because I purchased a pair of used SR80i's from a fellow headfier a couple of weeks ago, and wow. I wrote a review about them last night. From the first instant i plugged them in, I had become a Grado addict. Listening to Daft Punk's "Discovery" on them is like a whole new listening experience. I'm looking to move up the line, but I'm not sure what would get me the most bang for my buck at this point. Maybe if I can snag a great deal on a pair...
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