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Just bought one from a fellow head-fier :D so excited for it to arrive!
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I meant the O2 is said to be very neutral. I'm hoping to be pulling the trigger on an Asgard sometime today. Wish me luck! 
Thanks for this, maniac. That explains why it's not properly reading the songs on my 32gb class 10 card lol :)
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My other concern is that once I upgrade my amp, I'd need to upgrade my DAC from the D3 I have currently =/ For the price of a new Asgard I can get the new ODAC+O2 combo...but if you guys are saying that it's so neutral, I might not like it. I like warmness in my sound. damn decisions 
I voted A as lossless. 10/11 in F2K. The cymbals sounded so much harsher in B, and just muddier in general. Using Denon D5000s and a Millet amp through foobar2k. Would be really surprised if B is the lossless, because it sounded so much worse to me. Would really like to know which is which!
Making a decision soon to pull the trigger between either an O2 or an Asgard. Going to be powering my D5000's, so if anyone who has similar experience could let me know their impressions of each, I'd be appreciative! Thanks 
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