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I am also embarking on my first soldering project, and like you am jumping into the O2 with both feet. The price of components is basically the same price as the CmoyBB, and I figure for that price, I might as well go whole hog and get a real desktop amp out of the deal. First real soldering job was last weekend I replaced a switch on the Millett Starving Student Hybrid amp I have, so I'm really looking forward to this :) Good luck!
I'd hope that members able to spend thousands on audio equipment can afford to buy food for themselves 
Really excited for this meet :) Unfortunately will not have the ODAC by then, but I'm really excited to see everything there, and research my next logical progression from my current D5Ks :D Thinking maybe some sort of planar...
Seriously, that case is hugenormous. Lian Li makes excellent quality cases too. If you can afford them :P
Why do I have a feeling this will not end well? Biesas, I know that you're mad about what this scum has done to you but don't stoop to his level and also don't put yourself at risk over headphones. 
I've only been here a couple of months but for the most part have found people helpful and pleasant and had a really positive experience. Bought a few things so far and have had only good experiences, but people like lvrhs bring the rest of the community down with actions like this. I hope everyone can learn to come together from this rather than push people away. I think if we all learn to know each other better, it will make trading easier and reduce the risk of this...
edit: Nvm I can't read. Didn't see it was a dac not an amp
Nice Noctua NH-D14. Just sold mine a few weeks ago. Thing is honking huge. Best air cooler on the market, though, imho.
I bought this used from another Headfi-er about a month ago, but it turns out I don't do nearly as much portable music listening as I thought I would. Hence, no need for a player so highly regarded as the Rocoo P. Comes with all the stuff it came with:original box, USB cable, wall connector for USB cable, earbuds (new in package).   Price includes shipping. Continental US only. Accept either paypal or serve, whichever you prefer.
New Posts  All Forums: