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Due to some unforeseen car troubles, I will have to bow out of the meet :(
Hi there, I'm looking to buy a turntable locally and there's a guy selling a Dual 1216, and he's also selling a AR XA turntable. I've done a little bit of research on both, but really unsure of which would be the better value.   The CL listing for the Dual is here:   And here's a picture of the AR:    He's selling the Dual for 85 and selling the AR for 200. I like the simplicity of the AR, but unsure which...
Did you buy it new or used? If new, where from? Lol looking to get a decent table in that price range Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk 2
Ooooh wow that's pretty. I don't think I wanna know how much that probably cost either :P Enjoy it man! Vinyl is great
Any of you have any experience with the Acoustic Research XA turntable? I asked about it last page but wasn't sure if anyone had seen it. Just had the base rebuilt and has a Shure cartridge on it. Guy is asking 200 but dunno if that's overpriced or not  Any help greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the info :) Just ordered a refoam kit. Both sets of speakers sound pretty good, can't wait to hear the Genesis ones once I get the foam surrounds in place. These things are mucky as hell though and the cabinets need a thorough cleaning job 
Just came in to say I picked up some cheapy speakers a guy on my road was selling. Picked up a pair of Clarke Systems II series 310 (really obscure apparently) which seem to be in decent working order, and a pair of Genesis G10 speakers. My question is, the main cone on the Genesis' is completely disintegrating around the edges. How much would a fix like this cost? I picked up the 4 speakers for 20 bucks so I'm not hugely concerned if one pair doesn't work, but if I can...
I can't say for sure what's causing it, but the platter wobbles slightly up and down during it's revolution. Not sure how big of a deal this is, or how fixable. Maybe a worn belt? Maybe I'll try taking it to pieces tomorrow and taking a look..
Just bought a Yamaha CR-820 receiver today, and looking for a new phono now to go with it.. Guy was selling a Dual 1216 and an AR XA with a shure cartridge. He wanted 200 for the AR, but I'm not sure if that's a good price or not? He said he just recently had the base redone with MDF. Any advice? Or should I just keep my eye out for future turntables for now? Not looking to spend more than 300 at the moment :)
Well I'd like to chime in that I've joined the vintage amp crew :) Just picked up a Yamaha CR-820 receiver today! Just got to get the aluminum knobs and stuff cleaned up, but wow this thing totally blows the cheap Technics amp my dad had let me use out of the water. Next step: get a new turntable because the platter on this one is all screwed :(   I'd like to get an antenna for this. Does it require a special antenna of any kind? The tuner is really fantastic and way...
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