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I prefer the headband on the cheap model, and I prefer the cups on the expensive model :( I really don't like that white polished silver look.   I really dig that the cables are detachable though. Good move imho
Generally paying anyone to do that kind of work gets expensive quickly, unless you have a friend who would know how to. I'd think a dedicated headphone amp would probably be better suited anyway, and leave the Sansui more for doing what it was intended for: driving speakers :) The 650s shouldn't be horrendously hard to drive though, I wouldn't think. Should be able to get a reasonably priced headphone amp in the 200ish range? I'm no expert though by any means. Good luck!
Purchased this as my first ever headphone amp, and it worked really pretty well for the price I paid. Great beginner amp. Comes with 2 extra tubes (4 altogether) and the power cord.   I accept either paypal or Amex Serve. Paypal add 3% fees. Buyer pays shipping.
Hello, well I just put up my only pair of headphones for sale due to lack of use. I literally just received this amp from another head-fi'er (Coolzo) last week. It's gorgeous and it plays music amazingly, but I use my speakers more often now and it's sitting here lonely and unused. Please give it a new home?   That said, there's a small ding in the lower right corner (shown in pictures). Doesn't appear to affect playability at all.   I accept paypal (include 3%...
Hello there. Well, I'm kind of sad to let these go, they've been good to me, but last weekend I got a vintage yamaha receiver and some great speakers for bargain prices and since then I haven't put the headphones on more than once. So, my change of plans is your potential gain!   I'm the second owner of these headphones. I purchased them 2 months ago from Rational, a fellow head-fi'er, and they've received ample time on my head since then. Everything is in pretty...
Just finished my refoam on my Genesis G10 speakers, and running John Coltrane vinyl through them and they sound AMAZING. My one question, though, is I want to get stands or something to bring the tweeters closer to ear level, and would prefer not to mount them on or near a wall. Does anyone know what I should use to this purpose? Thanks :)
+1. The youngest person in this thread, Danny, has acted the most mature
Just spent 5 hours straight putting the o2 together! Unfortunately waiting on two capacitors I didn't order enough of to come from mouser but it's otherwise finished! Will try and get pics up tomorrow that was the most fun I've had since building Lego as a kid
Just bought a Rega P-1 for 275 plus shipping. Can't wait for it to arrive 
Entirely possible that the code works, but by the time Royal Mail updates their system, it could already be in your area. Happened to me when I sent an iphone to china. Showed as held up in customs, then before China ever added it to their system, the buyer contacted me via ebay and said they received it. Don't give up hope!
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