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Well, after a few days playing my CR-820 side by side with my Sansui 881, I think I prefer the Yamaha. I prefer the controls, and the tuner is amazingly awesome. After zapping the antenna terminal with some deoxit and getting a decent antenna hooked up, I get good reception on stations I couldn't ever get with the Sansui! So, if anyone's in the northern NJ area and wants a Sansui 881 cheap lemme know :P
Just picked up a Sansui 881 today off of Craigslist :) 40 dollars later, I am extremely happy with my purchase! have to run the controls through some Deoxit, but after that, it will be super amazing! It joins the growing family :D Right now there are a couple dings and a missing mic level knob, but other than that it's in fantastic shape   
Stock mdf platter! It didn't even look like mdf honestly. So slick. Ordered it off audiogon from someone there and it's like new. Thinking of getting a different mat for the platter though instead of the felt one that came with it. Any suggestions? Edit: can't begin to describe how much better the stock Ortofon cartridge is on this thing than the awful awful p-mount AT cartridge on the Technics table I was using previously. That thing must have been shredding the...
Just got my Rega P1 in today :D Just got it set up and took some pictures!     Hoped to take some pictures to show the stylus position. I adjusted the weight as shown in the set-up guide, and set the bias adjustment slider to around 1.75 grams, since that appears to be the tracking force on the Ortofon OM5E cartridge. Did I do this right? So excited to relisten to my collection on the new table!! 
I didn't even do smaller first then larger, I went in a straight line down the board, then moved on to the next straight line down the board, and so on and so forth.
I ordered the backorder parts through element 14 instead. Just search the part number through them instead also nwavguy addresses the backorder power plug in one of the pages' comments. Pm me if you have any issues I'll try and help! Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk 2
Just wanted to post that I now have a working O2 amp! :D Words can't describe how pleased I am with myself that I actually built something electronic that works. I just sold my D5000s yesterday, so I don't have any REAL headphones to try this out with, but right now just basking in the wonderment of the fact :P   Time to order an enclosure since the cardboard box it's sitting in at the moment isn't exactly super professional looking. I had a slight problem with...
Just wanted to say, I wasn't trying to put down integrated amps as headphone amps, was just stating that if you were deciding between trying to mod an integrated amp (sacrilege!), it would be better to get a dedicated :P Personally, I tried my D5000s with my Yamaha CR820 and didn't like the sound at higher volumes (distortion). It drives my speakers amazingly well, though, so I'm extremely happy with it :) Good luck with the Sansui!
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