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Damn, they're 79.99 AUD on but 50 USD on Just ordered a pair - £32.50 shipped to the UK! Ridiculous.
I assume everyone's familiar with the E10 cutting off when nothing's playing, resulting in a slight delay before playback starts, but I've just discovered that setting the default bit depth (in shared mode) to 24-bit in Windows 7 seems to result in a longer delay that also kicks in more quickly - so audio files with some absolute silence get bits cut out. Here's a test file:   Does anyone else get the same effect,...
Frogbeats and GD-Audiobase seem to be suggesting that the latest batch is natural wood (though the latter are selling the red ones too). Anyone know how they compare to the previous batch?
The FA-003 has a more balanced frequency response, whereas the FA-011 has more prominent bass and treble. If you want accurate monitoring go for the former, but the FA-011 is considered by many to be more fun. :)
I got bored waiting for frogbeats etc to restock, so I've just ordered from GD Audiobase instead. I know there are loads of horror stories but a few people have told me recently that they only took about 3 weeks to arrive. Hopefully all goes well!
Bumping an old thread, but I was having the same issue as the OP with my E10. After being paused for a few minutes, any sound would come out distorted - and would get worse the longer it was paused. The only thing that'd fix it was unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable, but it'd just happen again 5 minutes later. However, I found that using the E10 with a different USB port completely fixed the problem, so if you still haven't found a fix it might be worth a go! I'd...
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