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Posts by asderferjerkel   "Dear Fischer Audio Fans, We would like to inform that current version of FA-011 will be upgrade and very soon we can represent the new one. Any current user who have some claims about defectiveness of fa-011, pls write to with remark "Fa-011 RMA" and please do let us know what are the damage issues."
Just got a pair (hang around in the classified section if you're looking) and they sound ace! Nicely bassy, treble's pretty unbearable on really badly mastered songs but it's not much of an issue. They're comfortable, not clamping too tight and with (what I assume is) velour pads which don't get as hot as leather and are big enough to fully enclose my ears. This and the FA-003 clone will sort my collection for a while, methinks.
Should point out that you'll have to pay VAT on arrival, and DHL won't deliver until you've paid it (bit annoying, I'm sure they used to invoice you after delivery). Was only £6-7 though, their admin fees are much cheaper than Royal Mail's.
Nope, haven't heard anything. Moneybookers is giving him 5 days to respond then they'll consider it a "confirmed non-delivery". Hopefully that means I'll get a refund!
Just got mine, shipping would have been 3 days to the UK but I had to pay VAT and we've just had a 4-day public holiday. Clamping force is pretty huge as others have stated, but I've never had fully circumaural headphones before so they're still ridiculously comfortable. Spare pair of pleather pads was a nice touch. Haven't really listened to them enough but they're definitely clearer than my old HD202s, and not as bass-free as I'd expected!
The natural wood is the latest version, but ordering from GD-audiobase seems entirely useless at the moment. I ordered 3 weeks ago and they haven't shipped yet, I emailed asking to cancel my order since I've found a pair now but haven't had a reply. I'll give him another week then try contacting Moneybookers.
Interested in the FA-011s!
If people are waiting for theirs to ship, I just got an email asking for my full address (some delivery companies don't like the lack of road name), and ordered on the 20th - so looks like there's a backlog of about a week at the mo :)
AUD and USD are pretty much equal, I think 50USD works out to about 51AUD. Looks like it's all just taxes.
You're looking at the wrong site! (international orders) = $49.50 (Australia orders) = $79.00
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