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In response to my own question, I bought my first pair of headphones back in grade 7, but started looking into actual good sound back in grade 8! Joined here sometime around than. I'm in grade 12 now 
Just a random question, but when about did you guys start looking into nicer headphones, and other hifi pieces of equipment? :O
I'm currently amping from, a peachtree decco65. Sadly I'm starting to see im going to need more power, so i may upgrade to a schiit lyr/ Loki combo :3
Count me in please :3
Hi :3 My name is Jacob, I'm 17 years old and am currently in grade 12. I live in a fair size town, up in the frozen tundra known as Canada. My current gear include the: Hifiman He-400, HD650's, HD598's, HD518's, Grado sr60's, Denon D600's and the V-moda crossfade lp's. 
I have to agree here! I've had these for over a year now, and while my listening to them has decreased over time, they are the only headphone I love listening to un amped. They have very good soundstage for a closed back headphones, and are rather analytical when un amped. They are my favourite portable cans i own, and am thinking about selling my v-moda crossfade's because these are so much better 
I really want to try the UE9000, or UE6000's. How are they for the money?
For $240 you are going to love them!!! They are honestly great for that price! Do you have any other cans?
Just got mine about a week ago, and I think I,m in love!! For my first impressions I thought they were alright, Crisp, laid back, but not so great bass depth, and detail, but 100 hours later that has all changed! They've became a bit darker (I like that) Bass has become more punchy, and the mids have became more detailed and forward! So far, these cans are more than i expected and I cant wait to get more burn in time on them!!
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