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I really want to try the UE9000, or UE6000's. How are they for the money?
For $240 you are going to love them!!! They are honestly great for that price! Do you have any other cans?
Just got mine about a week ago, and I think I,m in love!! For my first impressions I thought they were alright, Crisp, laid back, but not so great bass depth, and detail, but 100 hours later that has all changed! They've became a bit darker (I like that) Bass has become more punchy, and the mids have became more detailed and forward! So far, these cans are more than i expected and I cant wait to get more burn in time on them!!
Sorry for the not so great image quality. Tell me what you think! :D
Nice! Will we be seeing a comparison between these and the new d 400's or 5000's
Nice man! Can't wait to see your review up on youtube. Also what do you think of the d400's?
Does anyone know how they sound with lower impedance cans?
Thanks for that excelent review :D
Yea, I agree that they sit rather losly on the head, but I think the build makes up for it. To the sound, I never found my self liking the d2000's or 5000's just because of the bass. I always found that while very fun to listen too, the bass didn't go deep enough for me. The d600 sounded better to me, but to each his own. 
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