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I'm currently amping from, a peachtree decco65. Sadly I'm starting to see im going to need more power, so i may upgrade to a schiit lyr/ Loki combo :3
Count me in please :3
Hi :3 My name is Jacob, I'm 17 years old and am currently in grade 12. I live in a fair size town, up in the frozen tundra known as Canada. My current gear include the: Hifiman He-400, HD650's, HD598's, HD518's, Grado sr60's, Denon D600's and the V-moda crossfade lp's. 
I have to agree here! I've had these for over a year now, and while my listening to them has decreased over time, they are the only headphone I love listening to un amped. They have very good soundstage for a closed back headphones, and are rather analytical when un amped. They are my favourite portable cans i own, and am thinking about selling my v-moda crossfade's because these are so much better 
I really want to try the UE9000, or UE6000's. How are they for the money?
For $240 you are going to love them!!! They are honestly great for that price! Do you have any other cans?
Just got mine about a week ago, and I think I,m in love!! For my first impressions I thought they were alright, Crisp, laid back, but not so great bass depth, and detail, but 100 hours later that has all changed! They've became a bit darker (I like that) Bass has become more punchy, and the mids have became more detailed and forward! So far, these cans are more than i expected and I cant wait to get more burn in time on them!!
Sorry for the not so great image quality. Tell me what you think! :D
Nice! Will we be seeing a comparison between these and the new d 400's or 5000's
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