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 More the merrier! (Now I'm tempted to get my CIEM cable terminated to 4 pin XLR just so I can use them with the Raggy at the meet LOL) Call me crazy, but now I'm considering getting a Raggy / Yggy stack just for my CIEM.  
 Now November 1st can't come soon enough!
 Sweet!Will you be bringing a Ragnarok as well?
 Considering how the C4's SQ was considered one of the best among DAPs (in its time), this C4 successor is definitely something to put on the watch list.
Ugh, this whole "AK240 is overpriced! No it's not! Yes it is! Blah blah blah, yada yada yada." is really getting long in the tooth...  
 Light Harmonic certainly has an eye for attractive / aesthetic hardware design (the Da Vinci DAC), but whether or not that will translate to UI design definitely remains to be seen. If LH pulls off extraordinary SQ, well designed hardware, & a decent smooth / attractive / functional UI, I'm pretty certain they'll have a real winner at hand, and possibly even the best overall DAP we've ever seen thus far.
 This is a very promising indication that the upcoming Geek Wave XD 128will be truly excellent in the SQ department, can't wait.
 I felt that the Hugo & Wagnus pairing was quite bad lol. :p I agree, a slimmer / re-designed version of the R10 would be fantastic!But then it would be the R10 / DX100 mkii & not a true successor of the R10 / DX100. iBasso is purported to be releasing a successor & not just an update / revision of the R10 / DX100. As such, it should fully expected that a successor to a current flagship will be improved in its SQ.Of course, if iBasso is inclined to release a R10 / DX100...
 Agreed! Considering the size of Sony, resources available to them, & engineering / design prowess, Sony is definitely capable of creating a better DAP than what the current ZX1 is.Here's to hoping that the ZX2 (if it's even planned to be made) will be far more impressive! Out of all the current DAP makers, I'm betting that it's Sony & Light Harmonic that are the ones who will be able to produce a true AK240 competitor.
The debate over whether the AK240 is overpriced or not is getting rather trite. In the end, what's true is that more competition for the AK240 can certainly only be better for all of us.
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