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What music player do you guys use on the ZX2? Stock? UAPP? Neutron? Poweramp alpha?   Does only the stock music app work with the physical buttons?
​Sweet! Funnily enough I'll be ordering a Sony ZX2 soon so we'll practically have the same setup LOL.But my cable will definitely be from Peter though (DHC). Do you listen to much electronic music? How do you feel the ZX2 / SE5 Ult setup does with bassy music / electronic etc.?
Anyone know how these compare to the Hidition NT-6 PRO?
​I feel your pain, if only the S7 Edge had sq on par with the likes of the HTC 10 or LG V10 we'd have the perfect phone haha.
 If your default listening device is going to be your phone, definitely don't get the S7 Edge. I have and it sounds like mud, very cluttered unengaging sound.I haven't personally heard the HTC 10, but from what I've read it definitely sounds like the better option haha.
Up for sale are the Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Includes spinfit tips and stock tips.
I'm looking to buy the Campfire Audio Andromeda.
Looking to buy the Sony NW-ZX2 DAP.
Interested in buying the Lotoo PAW Gold.
Anyone try the Andromeda with the audioquest dragonfly red?
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