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​I'm a basshead, so now I'm definitely getting the WM1Z rather than AK380cu haha. xD(Not having to worry about copper oxidation and fragile 2.5mm plugs are pluses too)
 Then the only way to access the internet would be through bluetooth / usb tethering. :P
Thanks for the impressions Mike, my SE5 Ult and MASS-kobo 404 should expect a new friend soon! (Good bye ZX2 xD)Only hassle is going to be getting those balanced 4.4mm cables.Regarding streaming, we have 2 potential options:1. Petition Sony to implement it in a firmware update2. We get a root exploit
Fantastic CIEM, should be a quick sale. GLWS!
You keep telling me Mike! xDThe only reason I'm hesitant on getting it is the lack of balanced out. Need a balaced source to fully take advantage of the MK404 haha.
I'm really loving the ZX2 / SE5 Ult combo! Really like that the sound is smooth / non fatiguing yet simultaneously being very transparent and detailed. The NT6 PRO was also transparent but was rather fatiguing at times.   Now I see why so many people stop hunting for new iems after getting this haha. Can't wait to see how far these babies can scale! Really excited to hear how my MASS-kobo 404 can futher improve the sound.   Just really wish there was somewhere I...
Just ignore LouisArmstrong and his audiofool BS sheesh...
Still easier to aquire than VentureCraft products LOL.
If anyone has a jazz master or classic master they'd like to sell, please let me know!
I'm looking to buy the VentureCraft VANTAM Classic Master DAC/AMP, please let me know if you have one! :)
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