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Agnes Obel! 'Fuel to Fire' and 'Dorian' always bring me to tears haha.
 Nice!I would email Grzegorz about it ASAP.
What size are you looking for? Because if you want something transportable, the wagnus epsilon s or mass kobo 404 will do nicely.
Payment sent
Just reminded me I still really want the RX1R II xD.But yeah, 3k for even a TOTL iem is pretty crazy unless it handily surpasses all other existing flagships (NT6, SE5, Andro, MH335, etc.)They will have to be truly astonishing to justify such a price tag.
Guess I'll find out for myself when it's finally available for order here in the US haha.But I also want to wait a bit to see if A&K is going to release a new flagship soon.
Really? I had the Hugo when it first came out and sold it after a month due to it sounding so mediocre imo xP.As long as the sq is a good bit better than the ZX2 while retaining a similar signature I'm sold.
He's sponsored by 64audio, of course he's going to describe them with over the top hyperbole LOL.For the 3k price they are potentially asking for, it better be a noticeable step up from my SE5 Ultimate.
​I'm a basshead, so now I'm definitely getting the WM1Z rather than AK380cu haha. xD(Not having to worry about copper oxidation and fragile 2.5mm plugs are pluses too)
 Then the only way to access the internet would be through bluetooth / usb tethering. :P
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