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Couple of cheap headphones that are fairly highly recommended: Monoprice 8324 (Closed) Superlux 681 (Semi-Open) There are others, these are just 2 that might work.
Probably some quad cable (Mogami 2893/2799/2534 or Canare L-4E5C or L-4E6S or similar) that's only stripped at the very end for the conductors.
Might be cheaper to buy your length of 2893 and buy some Type 1/#95 paracord from Amazon and sleeve it. Then the outer cable color won't matter at all.
Sure, but if you want to do that buy at least double what you think you'll need (if you want to keep the colors uniform). The quad cores inside 2893/2799 are 4 different colors (Red, Blue, Black, Clear(ish)).
2534 is stiffer than 2893 or 2799 (same cable, 2893 has some added shielding).2893 is $1.21/ft on that site, 2799 is $1.05I'd use the 2799, honestly. 26AWG and definitely flexible enough to make a nice headphone cable.The cable I made here is made from Mogami 2893 sleeved with Type 1 (#95) paracord.
Clint at Yew Woodworks offers the service ($20). He made my cups and a couple of other things for me and I highly recommend him.
Anything that needs special software (like virtual surround) may not work unless there is a linux version of the control panel. That would only matter for the Creative or Xonar external sound cards, though. The stuff from Schiit or FiiO will use whatever EQ you already have and work just fine.Note most of what I posted are headphone amps. Not sure how they'd do with speakers.
I'm going to chime in here:I can't compare the M50 to the 990, but I can compare it to the 770. The form factor is the same, so I can vouch for the comfort. Open headphones will have a much larger soundstage than the closed 770, but even out of my iPhone with no amplification I preferred the 770 over the M50. The pads were better, in my mind the sound was better. Just an all around better headphone.They do really shine with amplification, though. Even though they may...
I would still recommend one of the external battery packs. It will double or triple (or more) the expected battery life, especially if it's only for music. Plus they're light and small enough that they won't cause issues carrying them around.Not sure of price point, but there are a bunch to choose from:Fiio X1Fiio X3Fiio X5Sony Walkman (there are a few different models here)Any of the Cowon modelsEtc
Music only or gaming too? Most/all of the USB sound devices should work. Some may have additional software that may not work, but the output itself should work. Under $200: Schiit Magni/Modi (this will be $200 + shipping) Schiit Fulla FiiO E10K Creative Sound BlasterX G5 There are others, but that list should get you started. Edit Changed FiiO A3 to E10K
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