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According to Schiit, the Fulla ($79) should work on the PS4:
E07K, like the E17 is Treble/Bass for the EQ rather than by band, so the E07K alone won't bring out the mids (I personally don't find them too recessed, though it depends on your preferences).   A decent, non iPhone audio player will allow you to EQ different bands and bring the mids out more.   I say non-iPhone simply due to the EQ presets and not individual band control that is present on the iPhone/iPod/iPad.  The Acoustic preset isn't bad, same with the Classical,...
Not sure where you're located, but if you have a Guitar Center nearby, stop in and check them out.  All of the ones I've been to ahve both the DT770s as well as the DT990s and many other headphones.   Not sure if it's the norm, but I had the guy working there open a brand new pair of both DT770s and ATH-M50s for me to listen to.   Worth a try if you have one near you.
I like my DT770s, and with the extra left over you could upgrade to an iBasso D-Zero Mk II, though the E07K would drive them as well.   What are you using as a source?   For the DT990, if you want to go unamped, get the Premium 32 Ohm, otherwise it's your call (or your cousin's) between the Pro and Premium.  I like the Premium looks, but they sound the same (based on reviews).  Differences are looks and the Pro model has a coiled cable where the Premium has a slightly...
The FiiO E17K lacks optical (unless they changed it), but yes you can still use the EQ on your PC to affect the sound. Source:  This review:
It's been at least a year (or 2) since I replaced the headband, so I could very well be wrong. Mine is a 225i, but I think the headband/gimbal assembly is the same for 60-225 and only changes (and only then due to the different pad, pretty sure all of the non-headband parts are still the same) on the 325+.
If you want a DAC too you could go with the E07K.  If you just want an amp, I agree that the E11 is probably the go-to in that price range.
I think the gimbals are put together using some sort of hot glue normally.   I broke the seal on one of mine when I replaced the headband, but it's still holding together by itself.  The metal band should click in place (I think) when it's in the right place.   Could try hot glue or even a white glue on the metal part, insert it into the black part of the gimbal, then clamp it together to dry.   Otherwise, I would echo what was said above.  Try contacting Grado and...
Those aren't portable, though. D-Zero Mk II or C5 would be good, though I'm not sure how the K7XX are to drive.  I like my E17, but it's getting to be time for an upgrade.
Should be noted that I don't actually have the Clip+ and probably misinterpreted the article I read.   Parts of it sound like headphones above 64 Ohms may require an amplifier to achieve full sound.
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