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http://penonaudio.com/FiiO-L16 That cable? That definitely doesn't connect via a Lightning port. The only way I can think of is the camera kit (lightning to 30 pin) and the L3 or L9 (which don't seem to be in stock anywhere)
It doesn't have to connect via USB to your computer. Plug it in to an iPhone charging brick, or Android, or any one of a number of other devices. It doesn't really even need to be plugged in while you're using it, just to charge.
I'd be surprised if the Nexus line didn't support it, but it's possible.I wish I had an OTG cable so I could check. Not sure if just any cable (other than a USB C cable) would work.
http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=149496 inches for $3.99.
I have a Nexus 6, but don't have an OTG cable to test. I know that the Alpen 2 (E17K) isn't necessarily supported in Android. It's odd, though, that audio out through normal audio files works (I'm curious if other audio players other than USB Audio Player work) but YouTube etc doesn't. Have you enabled it as an audio source? Developer Options > Select USB Configuration > Audio Source Otherwise, I'm not sure. Are you running stock? Custom ROM? Custom Kernel?
I find that my LG G5 (same processor as the US S7s) has much better headphone performance (same player/song/EQ Profile) out of the headphone jack than it does over Bluetooth. I'm not sure why, but the difference using my BlueBuds X headphones is noticeable (and noticeably worse) between the G5 and my older Nexus 6 (again, same player/EQ/song). Battery life in the G5 is comparable to the HTC 10. If I had to do it over again, I'd get the HTC (had an S7 Edge for about 2...
You could get a FiiO E10K or A3 in that range (same thing, but the A3 is cheaper). You could also get the K1 or Q1 in that range, but I've never seen those so have no idea how they perform. All were found on Amazon.de
There will be a bit of expansion, but honestly not a lot. Would be better to get something that is a bit bigger, or wire that is smaller (though if you've already ordered the wire then just go with bigger paracord). You don't have to sleeve it, naturally; though that would depend on the amount you got (2534 has 2 blue wires and 2 clear-ish ones, I've seen some cool cables made with just the clear ones). Or, send an email to Redco. Maybe they can swap out what you...
If you can't find 95, I do see Type 1 on that site (Paracord 100), which is what I've used in the past. IMO that's what you should get.Edit I would use the Type 1 for 26 AWG Mogami, for 24AWG Mogami or Canare, I would probably go up one size just to avoid the possibility of it not fitting. (Though that would be 250/275, which I also don't see on that site...)
24 AWG isn't too thick, but it will not be as flexible as 26 AWG (and it might be harder to get into #95 paracord). Plus it's more expensive. I'd go with the 2799 if it were me.You could also go with Canare L-4E5C http://www.redco.com/Canare-L-4E5C.html which is supposed to be 26 AWG. Not sure if it really is. I've used the L-4E6S, though, and it definitely feels like 23 AWG, so maybe the numbers are right.
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