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Not sure about the easy sync, but Google Music allows you to store a ridiculous amount of music (like 50k songs).
A bit of both.Don't forget, if you're sleeving the Mogami wire, you'll have to account for the sleeving diameter as well.
Generally I do 1 wire per signal (R and L) and 2 for ground. For RCAs, that's not entirely necessary. You can do 1 for the signal and 1 for ground for each side. 6 or 8 strand RCAs are going to look great, but I see a problem getting all of those wires inside the barrel.EMI will be negligible at the signals that will be traveling through interconnects at the distances you'd be using them. Much more important to have strong solder joints.Sleeving is just inching it...
It also should be noted that LG may not be bringing the B&O DAC to the US. This has been told to me by both a T-Mobile rep (who got the info from their LG rep) and from LG's email customer service.
4 is standard (L, R, and 2 to Ground), but you can use 3.I agree that it's hard to get 4 into the mini-xlr. I've cut off the very end of the rubber boot in the past to accomodate the 4 wire braid.
That's the 2 right angle pieces without the barrells with some heatshrink.
No barrel, though I'm sure you can find it, and a little pricey (from Europe, if you're not there already):http://www.qables.com/shop/diy-parts-wire-connectors/mini-jack-3-5mm-conn/threaded-3-5mm-mini-plug-e-g-for-ultrasoneCould probably find one elsewhere, but that's the one I've always looked at. They sell the screw-on 1/4" adapter too.
A lot of people (myself included) buy quad cable and strip out the outer shielding (leaving you with just the 4 cores).Mogami 2799 or 2893 (same as 2799 with more shielding) is a popular and cheap starting point. Once you have it down to the 4 inner cores you can sleeve it as you please.
If you make it with 4 wires up to the Y, then 2 to each cup/earphone from there.2 ground, 1 Right, 1 Left.
16 would be heavy and big...think power tool power cord big.I normally make my cables out of 26 AWG wire (I think a lot of people do the same) and I've never gone bigger than 22 or 24, and even then they were stiff and not very user friendly.
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