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Maple was tested and did pretty well
You still didn't
If I had to do it over again:I'd do a 4 pin mini-xlr, so I could go balanced in the future if I choose to do soI'd also use the more flexible and smaller diameter Mogami from the start, so I didn't damage the driver and have a mild panic attack (until @TrollDragon helped me figure out how to fix it).I actually emailed Beyer to see what the price is on some replacement cups (the cups from the 770-Premium just because they're more unique). If they come back and tell me the...
Generally (though not always) the drivers in open headphones are engineered in such a way that covering them removes a lot of the sound. I don't know if this is the case for the DT880s, but I do know that my Grados suffer greatly if I cover the open grilles. Listen to some music with them and cover the grille on the back with your hands. Does it change the sound? My guess is probably, but I'm not sure. I would say that if your budget allows, add some closed headphones...
You can sort of see them here: The arrows are pointing to the right place. They will be similar on the right driver (this image is for the left).
Look between the terminals and the driver back (best I can describe it, the flat part) for 2 hair-thin wires (they're seriously thin). If one or both of those wires are separated then there is no signal going from the cord to the voice coil. I've damaged mine (on my 770s) really easily. It's definitely possible. Fixing it is really tricky, but also possible.
I was having a similar issue (though no noticeable battery swelling) with my E17 no longer turning on while docked. On a whim (mostly because I have a new portable amp coming today and if I wrecked it I wouldn't care all that much) I opened it up and snipped out the battery.I covered the leads with tape, just to be safe, and put everything back together. Once it was plugged into my E09K (or via USB, either one) the red light on the power button flashed. I pressed the...
I've found with mine that they're pretty much set it and forget it. They're light enough to stay put as long as you're not moving around a lot.The main issue is that the stock cable is rather short, so any movement is likely to dislodge them.
Not DIY, but you can buy one:
The wire has an enamel coating that you need to melt off. A solder pot is the most effective way to do it. (Someone will correct me if I'm wrong here)I'm not sure how to calculate the effective AWG, so I'd have to defer to someone who does. I know that this is the same kind of wires that are used in a lot of the small headphone cables where you have 3 together inside a rubberized outer shell. They're small, for sure.
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