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Type 1 Paracord works great for sleeving individual wires.  Not sure about 22 AWG, but 24-26 work very well.  IMO, 26 AWG is the easiest to get into the paracord, but I've used 24 AWG (stripped Mogami 2534) with not a lot of trouble.
Ew.  That's no good.  Wonder why Sony decided to neuter the capabilities that way (and if there will be some support coming out in a later system update).
It does look like it should be (with some sort of proprietary connector), that's for sure.
Yes, the E17 is both a portable amp and a USB DAC/AMP for home use.  I use mine in both situations.
Not sure how the E11 amp compares to the E17, but I know the E17 is enough to drive my DT770 (80 Ohm) very nicely.  I would imagine that it would adequately drive the 250 Ohm drivers, but I don't have them so someone that does might be better suited to answer that.   The COPs have a 15 or 16 Ohm resistance, so they wouldn't need an amp at all.   For commuting, I would recommend either of the closed options, the 770s or the COP, as they will offer the isolation you...
Question for those of you lucky enough to get a PS4, I have not been able to find this anywhere (most reviews don't focus on this):   Without installing anything on a computer, can the PS4 read embedded cover art in an mp4 file with its system/network video player?   Failing that, if I had cover art (folder.jpg or moviename.jpg) in the same folder, will it show that?   I have a ton of movies ripped to my PC, each of them has the cover art embedded (using...
The HeadRoom specs page says:  So my guess is no, it's not. Also, one users YouTube review specifically says that they're not detachable (around the 1:15 mark)
You can use 3 conductor jacks on your smartphone and they will work just fine.  The only thing that separate conductor is for is the mic.   Keep in mind that the crappy sound you describe could just be the phone, not the headphones.  I know my last Android phone, for example, had horrible headphone audio for any decent headphones.
From his email (and I hope he's ok with this, because I find it funny):  
Email him. I emailed him and he's still around, but he stopped doing headphone repair.  According to the message I got back, he got tired of people asking him to repair Beats headphones. Also, check eBay.  He may still be selling there.
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