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Hello,   Fisrt of all moderators please move my thread if it is not in the right place :)   I have since yesterday a Sennheiser Momentum, said to be 18 ohm, plugged into my well loved Cocon J3.   I have baught it to replace my in ear Sennheiser IE-80, because it hurts my ears after 20min of music listening... However, the IE-80 delivers the large amount of bass (a lot...) for me.   First impression when I plugged the Momentum : bass has vanished, and it makes me...
Yep, they seem perfect.   I thank you really much,   3rik  
Hello,   Got this wonderfull, amazing EAR monitors (I love having huge bass/sub-bass :) ).   I've tried all the ear tips, only the black foam ones fit in my ears so I get huge bass.   Anyone knows where I could guenine Denon ones ? That'sfor stck in case of...   Size : medium I guess   Thanks !   3rik
BTW,   Are those EAR multi drivers ?   Thanks  
Yeah ZARIM,   Gonna hae a look :)   Any others repliers are welcome :)  
Hello audio lovers,   Got a Cowon J3 (wonderfull sound)   I've baught a Sennheiser IE80 EAR because I love nice, precise and huge sub-bass/bass   This EAR are perfect for classical, rock, jazz, fusion.   But I mostly listen to technical metal : the huge sub bass/bass are here, but it begins to sound a little muddy :(   Could you advise me some nice brands of EAR, models having as much bass/sub-bass (or even more) as Sennheiser IE80, but that could...
Yep,   Years ago Sony Walkman's used to have great sub-bass/bass. But now they just sell piles of crap. Duno if I will manage to sell my NWZ-A867 crap...   Cowon J3 is still the best :)
If I can advise you, please buy ears headphone with great bass (I have a Sennheiser IE80 with basses pushed to the maximum) The only criticism I could make is that album covers and years of album can't be displayed in the J3 when you search by artist/album and so on... and the speed when putting MP3's in it is so slow.   But I pledge you'll love the j3 !   Eric   P.S. baught J3 32Go with 32Go sdcard, so I have the same as my crappy Sony. I'll never buy sony...
Hey man,   I've ordered a Cowon J3, and I own it now. You'll be amazed by its sound (BBE is great). Huge sub-bass/bass inside, sounding very great. It's sound quality is the best I've ever heard...   Battery life... 50 hours !   Hope you'll be happy (if you're not there will be something wrong with you ;) )   Eric  
I thank you, gonna search for it now...  
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