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Good luck with the re-shelling :) I wish I could get the "spheres" to send mine!!  
I know this's way old... but I've had similar thing with my beloved UE700s and I contacted Logitech 1month before my warranty expired and they fulfilled it and got it replaced.. But as much as I love the UE700's, I wish I could recable them with braided cable like the DBA-02 or BrainWavz B2!
Apart from the fact that mentioning them here isn't really the most appropriate thing to do...I've checked their page and their work isn't really top notch, compared to what I've seen from InEarz!   That said, I'm still worried about re-shelling my TF-10's, having read DavidCotton's history, and that is merely due to the fact that I'm quite far in the UK and ping-ponging with couriers would get on my nerves....    
These remind me of the stock tips on the UE700 ... with which I've had a lot of sweet hours of listening, before switching to the triple-flanges :)        
I've had the "retail" package for the UE700 and SF5 and IMHO, I like the frustration-free packaging way more than retail... It's straight to the point and has everything..It also looks more "Pro" than the retail packaging..   WRT the stock cable, this one feels different than the standard UE/Logitech cable.. It's thicker, probably more tangle-prone but, feels more robust (or may be I'm wrong)... I'm just keeping it on to get a good feeling of how it sounds before...
I've just received my TF10s 10 days ago from AmazonUK in their frustration-free packaging  and the stock-cable  has both  "Memory Wire" and "L-connector"        
Ok, I've had my 700's for almost 2yrs and my TF10s for 2 weeks so I might not be in a position to compare....BUT, my first impressions on the tf10s haven't been that promising really...    The 700s seem clearer (so far), especially with treble and mids.. The Triples have nicer bass, stronger it is but may be a little bit over?     I'm more into instrumental progressive metal (mainly and almost solely Dream Theater), Joe Satriani, Megadeth and classical...and...
After some looking around,I bought the same cable from the same dude on the bay for my TF10 ...then kept slapping my face when I couldn't find any reviews (as if I was supposed to buy then look for reviews  D'Oh!! ... now finally someone else with the same cable... Could you please give a quick review or first impressions? or may be a brief comparison between this and no-good stock cable?  Cheers    EDITL Never mind... I saw the other post a couple of pages earlier   
So I thought    
Cheers  Might give them a try..That means a trek to Putney...not the nearest to Moorgate though      Did you reshell+Upgrade with InEarz? Thought they don't do... or do you mean UM? Not to digress, but they started ok and when they "officially" branched in the UK, they raised prices for who knows what! Apparently, it's a rule that customers in the UK must "*££^*&#@l~" one way or the other... you check the price of anything in the US and compare it to the UK, same figure,...
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