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Hi I'm going to sell my Bose QC 25 iPhone version. I'm willing to ship to USA OR CANADA Price is 249.99 USD shipped and PayPal fee included
Hi all, up for sell a brand new HD598 special edition (black) I'm willing to ship to lower 48 states or Canada.
So this is my first CIEM, I listen to any kind of music on the go, no stage, no monitoring. Which one is better for me? I am currently using Sony ZX1 but will consider just to use iPhone as my source.   Thanks 
I am going to sell my beloved ZX1 with Rayout case and tempered glass protector because I am funding a CIEM. Condition: see picture Price is $390USD+20 shipping to the United States, or +$10 to Canada buyer pays PayPal fees.  Not interested in trade. 
I have a very good condition Sony ZX1 walkman for sale, PM me if you need pictures. It will come with original protective case, original box, cable, manual, Rayout transparent case(very high quality), tempered glass screen protector(*2)   I am asking $385 USD and tracked shipping to Canada is $15, to USA is $20. To avoid the shipping cost, I can do local cash trade, Toronto or Washington DC.    Thanks!
Hi all, I have an excellent condition Sennheiser HD25 Amperior for sell and they sound amazing, but I will let them go because I no longer have time to enjoy music. Asing $140 USD shipped to USA and  $130 USD shipped to Canada, buyer pays paypal fees   GONE         Also I have a very good condition Sony walkman ZX1, asking $450 USD shipped to USA and 440 shipped to Canada buyer pays paypal fees     PM me if interested. Thanks!
Hi all up for sell some iems that I dont frequently use anymore   Shure SE215 clear like new condition, just opened box  $80 SOLD   ie 60 brand new $120   Klipsch s5i brand new $60   Im in toronto area, local pick is preferred, but will ship to north america. PM me your postcode for shipping cost please   Thank you
I got my headphone for free.(gift) And you mean I cant sell it otherwise I have to pay for the buyer lolAnd lets say I bought a hd800+hdvd800 for $3000, now I want to sell hd800, what should I do? 
The beats solo is $99 at visions electronics, they also sell ie60 for $99 cad
thank you very much. title changed
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