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Hi all up for sell some iems that I dont frequently use anymore   Shure SE215 clear like new condition, just opened box  $80 SOLD   ie 60 brand new $120   Klipsch s5i brand new $60   Im in toronto area, local pick is preferred, but will ship to north america. PM me your postcode for shipping cost please   Thank you
I got my headphone for free.(gift) And you mean I cant sell it otherwise I have to pay for the buyer lolAnd lets say I bought a hd800+hdvd800 for $3000, now I want to sell hd800, what should I do? 
The beats solo is $99 at visions electronics, they also sell ie60 for $99 cad
thank you very much. title changed
Buy pays shipping cost and PayPal fees or PayPal gift is also accepted I believe this is one of the best audio card in the world, however I upgraded to a dedicated DAC and Amp, so I don't need this anymore. Inbox me ur post code and address so I can estimate the shipping cost(USA and Canada only). Local pick up is also preferred, I'm in greater Toronto area.
sold all
wowo exactly same thing happened to mine, everything is the same.....but I already exchanged for a new one :)
 "or best offer", someone just now offered me $5 + shipping.....
Brand new. Ummm... I dont know what else I should say....
Not refurbished, have a lot Sennheiser Headphones. Decide to sell these pair. It is silver with mic control. Pm me your address and post code for shipping cost.
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