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This one looks a bit better
Post the website where you find it. 
Basically is to avoid false expectations. They sound is nice enough (for some reason they sound awful with classical music) comfort is excellent, detachable cables are a huge plus. I would like to push this particular model among head-fiers to see more IEMs sharing the same design in the future
As the owner of both the w4r and the vsd3s I can say they don't sound alike, The frequency response might sound somewhat similar but unfortunately they're far from been close. Having a hard time finding a correct analogy to explain myself better. 
I do have the momentum but I never tried an adapter. Try getting this adapter and keep us posted (you might have to trim a bit the metal close to the 2.5mm adapter.
Sometimes I see things around as headphones' stands: old lamps, decoration, to give a few examples. You'll find something in no time.
The problem I see regarding your design is that you have to always hang two headphones to keep some sort of balance. Unbalanced won't look as clean or nice.
What I did was a preventive solution, I bought the tube separately. Not so sure if I used 60mm or 80mm heat shrink right now. Close to the plug, (on the cable) I put some black tape (heat tube doesn't shrink more than 3mm)  I'm not suggesting anyone to do the same, I have no plans of selling them (although they sound pretty bad with classical music I would prefer to keep them and wait for the vsd5) In your case, just wait for an answer from LMUE. They tend to reply fast. 
Unfortunately there's no solution for that matter (it shouldn't happen that easily so I suppose there a combination of factors) I'm afraid you have to send them to lmue back. Highly doubt they will send you another cable but who knows...  I know the straight plug might bring some troubles in the future for those using the vsd3s on the go so I decided to used heat shrink as you can see on the picture and a bit more at the ear hooks as well. 
I don't want to be rude but I never had microphonic issues and I would love to have a shure cable with vsonic connectors. 
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