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For small ear I would recommend the vsd1s instead but I don't remember anyone complaining about how big the vsd3 are.
There are a couple reasons for that: they buy the cable from another supplier to save costs, using shrink tube is time consuming and many IEMs from other companies came with straight plug (apple earpods to give an example) and no one seemed to care. Average lifespan of IEMs is usually a year or so no matter the treatment. The whole idea of having detachable cables is to be able to swap once they break but no one seemed to enjoy or defend the initiative vsonic implemented....
I used shrink tube to address that issue as well however, mine has detachable cables. 
I did it, not directly to the cable but to the earhook and it worked perfectly. Esthetically not pleasing but functional. 
I bought this if you're concerned about the cable and you don't want to resolder the connector. Not ideal but better than nothing.
Never cease to amaze me the fact that tips can change the overall perception of sound in general.  I've been listening the AN16 almost all day and I couldn't figure it out why was getting such an erratic frequency response: a steep downfall in the upper mids, the treble was detailed but unglamorous, the bass was good and the seal was ok. Then I switched to the double flange (those I never used before) the AN16 rested farther in and the sound suddenly was there.    The...
I got my pair. The vsd2 will be a gift (I already have too many headphones and I don't want to open them first) so a review will be in a month or so. The AN16 sound is very mellow. They're definitely more detailed than the vsd3s or the vsd1s. A bit congested though   They need more head-time to provide accurate information.   About the photos, Hard to handle properly the red color with uneven light using photoshop        
LMUE has probably as much information about the parcel as you do so, they won't rush to make conclusions and neither should you. If the package doesn't arrive then explain the situation and let's think for the best course of actions. I haven't received my package and the tracking number doesn't work either (granted, it was delivered on april10) but we both know is not the norm (unless you're from Brazil, Russia or Italy). Give it some time and we'll see.
Selling an iflash msata adapter for ipod classics. You can make your own terapod if you want with it. Right now I don't have the time and it would be better if someone can use it. Trades accepted.   Disclaimer: the photos are not mine but you get the idea.
You don't have to make one. The Ipod classic 6th generation 160gb came with a double plate hdd, hence it needed more room to accommodate it.This is what I got, a bigger battery with a bigger plate and jacks. Not affiliated with the seller. Look for a thick backplate on ebay. There a lot of sellers with them.
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