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My story:    I had many issues with the msata cards, I tried twice (spending enough in the process) without success (overheat, battery and formatting issues plagued my build).   The SD cards however, were exactly the opposite: such a pleasure to work with: fast, low battery consumption and seems to be reliable. The only issue I had was formatting in Mac. I took a PC, installed AOMEI and the SD cards was functioning (it does skip some tracks though)   The only issue...
I did that, formatting in exfat, but when I try to restore it immediately shows me error 1434 and the iPod is always on recovery mode...
Hey guys, how are you formatting the pny cards with Mac? Aomei is not available for mac unfortunately... 
For those who changed the battery for the 2000mAh, which glue did you guys use to fix the battery to the back plate?
Not because the msata works with a computer means the adapter is bad (I had a similar issue) Keep in mind that there's no guarantee the msata is really working with your set up. The battery was a major factor for me. I like the idea of opening the other one despite the risks
For small ear I would recommend the vsd1s instead but I don't remember anyone complaining about how big the vsd3 are.
There are a couple reasons for that: they buy the cable from another supplier to save costs, using shrink tube is time consuming and many IEMs from other companies came with straight plug (apple earpods to give an example) and no one seemed to care. Average lifespan of IEMs is usually a year or so no matter the treatment. The whole idea of having detachable cables is to be able to swap once they break but no one seemed to enjoy or defend the initiative vsonic implemented....
I used shrink tube to address that issue as well however, mine has detachable cables. 
I did it, not directly to the cable but to the earhook and it worked perfectly. Esthetically not pleasing but functional. 
I bought this if you're concerned about the cable and you don't want to resolder the connector. Not ideal but better than nothing.    http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-3-5mm-L-Shape-Headphone-Audio-Male-to-Female-Adapter-Plug-Socket-Connector-FREE-SHIPPING/32232155245.html
New Posts  All Forums: