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Funny thing, I just read an article on Vice about Why Millennials Aren't into Strippers at Their Bachelor Parties. Highly recommended
How did you change it? 
Hey guys, what are you planning to watch this season? Last time, I ended watching Flip flappers (got bored in the middle) and (I have to admit) Keijo. I believe in the common wisdom of AAMML 
I read so many unthinkable things around head-fi that now I'm skeptical with pretty much everything people say. Still a good reference place, all the KZ I managed to listen surprised me.
I removed the memory wire from my ZS3, but because the wire connectors sticks too much (far from the ear) the behind the ear design does not the job very well keeping the earpiece in the ear. Carefully with scissors I managed to remove the sheath.
Yes, I forgot to add that little detail. ATR  And which female mmcx connector you guys used?
Hey guys, did anyone tried shortening the nozzles or remove the outer nozzle ring for comfort purposes? any luck? 
Hey Modders, how did you open the shell of the ATR (or ATE)? 
The problem might be related to the high volume of packages due to 11.11 ( single's day) and don't forget gifts/decoration/whatever for Christmas and New YearI wouldn't be surprised if not all the post services across Asia are saturated. \\ Edit: interested in ZSR. Keep us posted
Coil, the ATR sounds pretty good and they seem to stay in my ears (Talking about competition) I see a potential gift for Christmas.
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