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I heard the same even before checking the spoiler
No, all the links at least for the mobile version always have associated links. Very uncomfortable
Kono Suba is excellent. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi (Noucome) made me really laugh as well.  Anything similar this season? 
I'm not against it btw, I found the sound I was looking for from a chinese company (vsonic) and I'm perfectly happy with my ve monks I got recently. At least there are people tweaking and testing, offering nice headphones for a decent price.
Merely opening a port will change the sound of any speaker: the enclosure, the material. I wouldn't be that surprised if many of the popular IEMs sold shares the same driver, also I really doubt the Chinese companies are making new drivers every time to put into the "diy" versions. About the balanced armature used (with the exception of xiaomi maybe) they are probably copying some of the Knowles designs already tested. Who are we trying to convince? Don't fool yourselves.
US only, not Canada... Keep telling me wrong zip code
Plastic shell, not real wood
It looks amazing. Too bad I'm not willing to pay for a supposedly 5ba the asking price
Toronto   My journey started the day I got a pair of defective beats solo when I bought a HTC phone with a contract in Switzerland. I took them back to the store but I couldn't return them because the phone was in perfect condition which was the expensive part. They replaced the headphones but they still were sounding pretty bad. I got my Grado sr60i two weeks after and I couldn't be happier but, it didn't finish there: the Grado were not practical for outdoor use, so I...
I'll ask in a week or two then, it seems to be too early I admit. Thanks to all :-)
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