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Don't take it in the wrong way but I wouldn't suggest to anyone those sennheisers. The cable is flimsy and sound quality is quite erratic. Just Because It's Cheap, Doesn't Mean You Need To Buy It!
The main issue is usually price, even if you manage to find one.
How long has you been using grado? I see you don't use collar shafts or anything...Nice collection btw
I rather wait. I need to go to the States in December anyway
The auvio or the urban ears doesn't rotate and many people uses them on a daily basis. Can't really tell until someone does the first step.
I'm looking for Canadians buyers first of all, we don't get as many good deals as the people in the US. If I don't find anyone I gladly ship them anywhere.    Selling my Schiit magni and Modi Combo. Monoprice RCA cables included as well as shipping.   USB version. There's no interference around the area to justify optical, sound quality is the same regarless the version. I use Regular monoprice cables: I think they're great and they keep the magni and modi at the right...
Selling my faithful companion LCD-2. Shipped within Canada and the US   There's a chip in one of the sides, not noticeable but I rather be honest. Leather earpads and headband in perfect condition. Amazing sound. More pictures available by request.  Bamboo composite is stronger than caribbean rosewood (actually is not real rosewood but that's another story) Original cable, travel case and cleaning kit included. Local pickup available. For Canadians we can always...
I don't live in the US, in Canada they're like 50$ :-( I'm pretty sure it will work but I don't have the funds right now. 20$ for a nice headband is a good investment. 
I was thinking about a new headband for grado. The California headphone company - Laredo came some time ago, obviously passing unnoticed due to sound quality. The headband design however is quite interesting: leather and metal construction and I think grado cups can fit. I haven't been able to test it. If someone manage to get one please post the results. They're only 20$ on...
I don't really understand how anyone can enjoy music with such a heavy burden on the head together with such a laid back sound. Music is about passion and emotion, not detail and refinement.
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