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I ended up buying one as well to test it (I was the one who suggest it anyway so I had to prove my theory) It's currently in Houston with some s-cush, shaft collars, and a leather headband.  
I prefer tim hortons double espresso than Starbucks and it's cheaper.
Sorry bro. Shipped today. My apologies
Still looks fantastic. I have a 2010 that doesn't want to die and I carry with me all the time, no reason to upgrade.
I saw a black MacBook . It is a vinyl covered one or painted? It looked like a 15" model...
Don't take it in the wrong way but I wouldn't suggest to anyone those sennheisers. The cable is flimsy and sound quality is quite erratic. Just Because It's Cheap, Doesn't Mean You Need To Buy It!
The main issue is usually price, even if you manage to find one.
How long has you been using grado? I see you don't use collar shafts or anything...Nice collection btw
I rather wait. I need to go to the States in December anyway
The auvio or the urban ears doesn't rotate and many people uses them on a daily basis. Can't really tell until someone does the first step.
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