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???????Skin-effect pseudo-science? Seriously?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_effect The problem with people selling snake oil is that eventually there's one of two that will spend a lot of money in the process. 
For those who got the Xe800 for ~18$, is the nozzle metal or plastic? Does the driver flexes?
There's a reason why they offer silver plated cables: current flows more on the surface of the conductor due to resistance. Check skin-effect
Did you notice the date of the publication?
An Indian guy asked for a recommendation some time ago: his budget was 60$ and because of the location, the number of headphones were limited. He made a list of 5 headphones he could find and afford. The interesting part were the answers he got: most of the people insisted those headphones were awful, other proposed 200-300$ headphones available only in the States, others simply suggest him to save enough to buy a more expensive pair...   Our recently registered user is...
The answer is no. It's not worth it.    Whoever tries to convince you otherwise is not being objective. At the risk of sounding cliché, the whole world will try to convince about things you need or want (and headphones and audio equipment in general are not the exception)   A short story: My Father in law has an old pair of Sennheiser almost in pieces, I made him listen some of my headphones and although, technically my headphones surpassed his old relic, he was...
It reminds me the day I tried the audeze lcd2, the sound was supposedly the best available and, although they sounded pretty good, I didn't think they were worth the 1000$ price tag. Too much hype involved. Keep in mind sound is a very personal thing.
Maybe butMasuo Gakuen is just almost a hentai thing, foreplay is the key, immoral weapons?Shokugeki: they decided to reduce the ecchi moments (still enjoyable)Orange (I want the guy to die as soon as possible and finish with the whole thing)D-gray man: Did anyone noticed the NGE Geofront underneath the city?Rewrite is ok, I'm watching it
Hey guys, It is me, or most of this season series are a bit disappointing?    Only Re:zero is still pushing me to keep watching... 
Thanks zhibli06. Please send me a message if by any chance you decide to produce the original monks again.    Edit: I had a problem with my source and it was causing a particular distortion that I accounted to the monks+. (Need to figure out how to fix it) I still prefer the originals monks though. Kudos to VE for such a nice work
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