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Hey Modders, how did you open the shell of the ATR (or ATE)? 
The problem might be related to the high volume of packages due to 11.11 ( single's day) and don't forget gifts/decoration/whatever for Christmas and New YearI wouldn't be surprised if not all the post services across Asia are saturated. \\ Edit: interested in ZSR. Keep us posted
Coil, the ATR sounds pretty good and they seem to stay in my ears (Talking about competition) I see a potential gift for Christmas.
The vsonic vsd3s are at massdrop for 30$. I believe they are better than many budget IEMs available. 
Advertising pics? those are renderings, If by any chance the shells broke I will make sure to post some pics, or if I get too bored. Whatever comes first. The ATR sounds good though
The more I use the ZS3, the more I convinced they were a mistake from another brand regarding ergonomics and wanted to get rid of the shells. The cable goes far from the ear and the nozzle goes a bit low. The ATR (the cheapest on GB) and the ZS3 seem to be cut from the same cloth, I really believe the sound changes are due to the enclosure more than anything else. Too early to decide
The ibasso IT03 next to the ZS3 .       
I removed the ZS3 cable sheath and the metal bar that made the ear guide stiff. To be honest, I was better the way it was intended: The 2pin connector stick out a bit far from the ear (at least in my case) and the cable doesn't stay the same way due to its suppleness. It's no big deal but definitely I would not recommend to anyone. I wonder if a 2pin connector from any CIEM might do better (the plug is shorter) Still, I could workout with them without problems. 
Funny thing, for me it's the other way around: It took some time for the ZST to really show what they were capable to accomplish. Voices are still laid back but the treble has come forward to show some presence, maybe the bass took the back seat at some point leaving the shy treble to stage. The ZS3 still sounds flat for me. Nice FR though. I love the earpieces' shape. Edit: The cable guide is too stiff, planning to remove the metal bar inside eventuallyMaybe I should try...
I'm pretty sure the Tennmak and the Mee are basically FOTM. Vsonic, on the other hand is established as a good budget choice. I have (had the vsd1s) vsd2 and Vsd3s and they all sound way better (maybe not so much the vsd2) than many of the budget IEMs I tried. Highly recommended.
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