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This is a headphone stand I made recently, nothing fancy but it does look nice IMO.  Made mostly in plastic with a steel frame and it's heavy enough for any headphones, there's a cable management ring in the back.  The irony is that I'm moving soon so I don't need such thing right now. You're paying shipping costs actually. 
I found recently an interesting desktop monitor part and I was wondering what can I fix on top to support headphones? Any ideas? The main I think it's the colour: navy dark blue and I don't imagine wood matching the overall style.     
Bear Confession: I prefer Space Dandy dubbed 
Can you guys help me out filling the counterfeited headphones' list?
There are some fakes in the market however, nobody can't tell until you get them.    Check this thread:   In any case, saving some bucks is not worth your time checking and worrying having counterfeits.    If you find more dubious headphones post them in this thread
May I ask what happened yesterday? Did I miss something? I noticed there were more than 250posts in a blink.   About watches: there are many nice watches from Fossil for example without breaking the bank (~100$) and they will last definitely longer. Those automatic movements aren't as reliable as original (and expensive) ones and the maintenance will definitely cost you much more that what you paid for the watch. Besides, do you really want people around you wondering...
Probably not but who knows ;-) hoping fr another pre-sale
First of all, the vsd3 doesn't come with filters, the only thing that stops ear debris is actually the grill and even if some get inside, with a dynamic driver without filters there's not much to spoil. The only thing that troubles me is the "nozzle" coming off, I suggest you to upload some pictures. Second: I noticed one of the connectors wasn't rotating when I was "installing" the ear hooks, it wasn't properly inserted and the sound kept coming without issues. I'm...
For 20$ I'm in. 
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