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First of all: get a hard case. I don't see how did you break it and I presume negligence. You have a few options: you can reshell them and try customs. You can try buying a Shure shell from lunashops, get a few filters and look for a audiology lab who wants to help you fixing the old balanced armatures inside the new shell
That's what I use everyday for fast calculations. 
Only a Mod can do that, just the edit the comment and write anything silly to pretend you actually wanted to ask something. Waiting for the purple version. 
I thought seiko used hardlex instead of sapphire.In any casse Sapphire is probably used in high end watches for a reason. Even if it just a gimmick, it will be a powerful one. 
Where did you get that grill from? Quite interesting I have to say.
Did you have to pay taxes? 
Selling the dryboxes I bought for my IEMs not long ago.  The reason why I prefer this ones over pelican and otterbox counterparts, is the internal foam cut specifically for the case. Imagine an ordinary transparent Otterbox with your CIEMs inside, while they might look good, they will be hitting the top and bottom constantly with every movement you make.  Westone 4R not included :-)  The reason why I'm selling is money and I'm moving soon so I rather get rid of almost...
SAO II is tearing me apart. The expectations were too high I suppose. Your words were my thoughts. 
I know they're hard to obtain outside the US so I'm shipping them everywhere. (Making a small profit I admit)  Used them about three times, but I got used to the s-cushions and old habits die hard. 
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