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hmmm i'll probably wait for a while since i have too (saving up money), but i most likely still be getting the j3 now
you think people should still get this player or just wait until cowon releases a new player as good as the j3?
im also saving for a galaxy note too. thats the reason why i want a light, small mp3 player for dancing use
im thinking of an cowon iaudio10 because cheaper, and just a little smaller than the j3, im surprised the j3 is very light though, great for dancing and running. i still have lots of money to save up though, so i' got time to think. 
im leaning more towards the j3 now... its so expensive though :/ 
  cool, which ones?     which cowon did you have?  the sansa clip plus is good player, my friend had one and he siad it had great sound quality, but does it display lyrics? i have some foriegn music, with english translation lyrics lol
whats your take on the cowon iaudio10? i have about 9gb of music, all mp3, but i to redownload in flac, 
there all so awesome, i must get all of them!
'i remember' is a great song, also i really like is 'faxing berlin' from deadmau5 
i like the 1st &  2nd song, pretty cool
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