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  Oldschool dubstep! :D i thought i was the only one that knows what dubstep is lol but yes, modern mainstream dubstep doesnt not freakin have the amount of sub bass it used to have, modern dubstep is weak and cheesy
THANKS GSHAY! help out a lot. my iaudio10 is pretty messy though... most album art is missing, some reason it doesnt have album names or artist some names. but i really enjoy my cowon, just got it today.
what software do you use to transfer your music into your cowon?
Thanks for the info! i havent got my cowon yet, its still shipping but im downloading the software right now 
so im planning to buy an iaudio 10 soon and i wonder if it bricks the same way as it does with the j3, i only have a mac, no other computer in the house, i want to know if there is a certain type of way to connect it and transfer music and videos to the i10. 
seems like a better deal, but no white color! D: im really picky lol 
thanks for reply!
soo.. i cant listen to the radio/whatch tv on it?... bummer ._. is it the same with the iaudio10 or z2? i dont listen to much radio though, im just asking
im planninng to buy a cowo j3 32gb white, i live in the USA and i just wanted to know if the site is safe?
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