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any other softwares like this you know of?? my mac has 10.5 leapord so i have to update my OS to get blueharvest to work. 
just wondering, i saving up to buy akg k550, i know the are low impedance and easy to drive with a portable player, but wont amp with high current and low voltage will make it sound better? ill probably not get one, just wondering
the q701 i heard were pretty good, slighty better than the k701/2 surprisingly... even though they were celeberty endorsed headphones... hopefully these will sound good too, and hopefully akg wont rip you off
so yea^ how do choose an amp, like do you have to match the impedance, or the mW with your headphones?? does sensitive matter when choosing an amp?
audio technica ath a900x
lol woops. thanks
true, there are only a couple modern dubstep songs that are good, like arion - elements of sanity, the stuff  i dont like at all is the "brutal, big drops, filthy, and skrillex of course lol
my brother loves this kind of music, definatly going to show him this thread 
juno download for wav tracks, has a lot of electronic music
need some more dubstep songs? post post post!
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