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im 15 and still saving money to get fullsize headphones...
my brother thinks i spent too much on my iems... my soundmagic e10 is only $30. they sound great though compared to his skullcandy ink'd
hopefully the k550s price will drop, they sounded good enough to me  when i listened to them at best buy
i dont like the colors either  i bit too flashy for me
denon ah d2000? 
true.. even if you put an amp on the 550s they will improve only a little bit, not really worth buying an amp for it, but ohh well. takes long saving up lunch money to get these lol
thanks for the link 
im 15 and getting some akg k550's
what is the difference between the 2227 and the 8620 versions?
is the c421 a better version than the cmoybb v2.03?
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