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Scoring girls with hifi-audio? NIIICCCEE,   anyways i showed my school buddy my ma900s when i brought them to school, he didnt like that fact that it was an open headphone, thus thought it was a bad headphone. my other friend who's about 13 (Im 15) thought it sounded really nice, but also didn't like that it was an open headphone either, another friend just didn't like the design of the headphones "they dont look cool" (he loves his beats mixrs a lot)... i tried the mixrs...
as of now i only have one headphone, ma900's
yup 16 bit, 1411 kbps, but in flac its around 800-900 kbps. i used my mac (other computer) to redownload the music that couldnt go in, it worked, but one song didnt for some reason. i would still like to know if there is anyway to fix this.
i downloaded a couple of songs from beatport, its currently in wav. i converted it to flac using foobar200, then copied it to my cowon iaudio10, into the 'music' folder, but an error pops up and says unexpected error, file or directory is corrupted or unreadable Error 0x80070570. Im using windows 7 btw. i really want to put my new music in my music player    also, some songs did transfer but the rest didnt.
sony mdr ma900 (open)
+1  ugh these kinds of threads are getting annoying,  "cool" full sized headphones are pretty much a hype for highschool and even middleschool kids these days...ohh my generation :(
i found the k550 to be more comfy, the a900x was comfy too but a little too heavy. 
the a900x is a little easier to listen, maybe because it has a warmer sound signature, its had a slightly wider soundstage to me.sub bass performed horribly. there is more mid bass in it, better impact with drums n house music. but the k550 better sub bass and more controled bass. and i little clearer or brighter in my opinion. i preffer the k550. 
where can i buy that cd? ^ i dont see a link in the website :/
Trance anyone? 3:44 :)
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