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thanks for the suggestion
Im planning to buy an portable external dac/amp for my S3, anyone know which would make a good pair for these iems? Hoping it could be below $200.
im 15 ;)
Thanks for replies, using this phone right now and I love it! Now im wondering what dac to get
true, but im just a little worried about battery life, i hear touchwiz takes a lot of battery life, btw this is going to be my 1st smartphone
Bummer  but ohh well, still going to buy it, probably just use touchwiz, or AOKP if it works.
thinking about getting a s3(at&t) on black friday, and my cowon iaudio10 is bricked... can i connect and external dac on the at&t version of the s3? even if i root it, with Cyanogenmod 10
Hey, Need advice also, i dont know much about iems, my budget is around $150 - $200 i usually listen to Metal, Trance, Rock, Dubstep, and jazz. i am looking for good soundstage, good mids and highs and bass extension, im not looking for boomy bass, but enough bass for trance and dubstep,  also comfort is important. 
Harold Mabern - I've Gotta Be Me (Jazz) Dir en grey - Amon (Metal)
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