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has anyone use the ibasso d12? i need a dac for my s3 and laptop and im wondering if its anygood, i mainly listen to rock/metal, trance and dubstep, i looking for a neutral, detailed soundsignature.
Yea rein is my favorite from them, I used to listen bands like signal and screw. My preference changed i guess, I now listen to bands like lynch. , deathgaze , deg (of course) and more western metal like pantera, overkill, amon amarth. I still do listen to screw or unsraw once in a while
Dum spiro spero and kisou are my favorite albums from them, I havent really pay'd much attention to macabre, besides zakuro
I kinda grew out of vk, actually this the only actual vk band I listen now to apart from old dir en grey
THRASH!!! i love the solo at 1:20  
band needs more views IMO (j-rock/nagoya/visual kei)  
the gazette - distress and coma
  dir en gery - uroboros     dir en grey - rinkaku       dir en grey - dum spiro spero   the gazette - guren
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