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By "pure dac" do you mean fixed output? That can be changed to variable by removing an internal jumper. See this post:
Only their $15k SHOULD be good enough!
Yep I thought the HE6 was bad enough sounding to possibly being defective
Yep, that was the highlight for me too. Thanks for the listen!
Lee, Ok I Pm'd you a while back but making it official here. I can bring my modded Audio-gd NFB-28 and Anedio D-2, and PWT transport. And Sennheiser HD-580 phones.. But can't get there until after 1pm.
OK, try this... There are 13 files in the folder
I am having trouble sending the driver to the 2 people who requested it. Apparently some mail servers think there's a virus attached to the files. Don''t know how to resolve anti-virus says the files are clean
Their website is down, looks like they might have gone belly-up. I have the driver for Win 7/10, it's small (less than 1.5Mb). PM me with your e-mail & I can send it to you. Unless there's another way to post it here? I don't know how to do that.
Do you want better dynamics, depth, & a bigger soundstage from this unit? (I'm sure it would work with other models too). You can get that for free with a simple mod I performed. All you have to do is separate the Left & Right bundled, balanced wires that go from the board to the rear XLR & RCA jacks. These are held together with plastic ties. Just cut those ties and dress the wires so they have some "breathing room", with the +, -, and gnd wires for each channel as far...
If you want to change from fixed to variable outputs, you have to remove the jumper that's normally in the little red rectangle in this picture:   I might be able to live with this unit's quirky remote volume control. The High/Low gain button reminds me of the -20db muting switch you'd find on old receivers. The headphone/preamp button effectively becomes a full mute control. Between the 2 I can quickly jump up & down in volume, and go full off. Then I use the "one...
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