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 I'm more of a trackball kind of guy, so I use a CST L-tracX.  3200 cpi(configurable) and the perfect size and shape to fit my hand without making me do the "eagle claw" like some other trackballs do.  It's solid as a rock, and where some companies void your warranty for taking a mouse apart, CST provides instructions.  Best trackball I've ever had.  Full specs here:  http://www.clearlysuperiortech.com/ltracx.html
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I've got a Cowon D2+ running Rockbox.  The Cowons will play FLAC natively, but Rockbox has much better options for tweaking the sound.  And the D2+ has an SDHC slot.  The touchscreen leaves much to be desired, though.
Absolutely amazing band; Blackwater Park was my "gateway drug" to death metal.  Couldn't stand the stuff before them.  I remember seeing them live in Dallas...  2004, I think?  Possibly 2003.  It was right before I enlisted in the Air Force.  The concert featured Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Lacuna Coil, and Opeth.  Best concert I ever attended.  Unfortunately, I missed a chance to see them last year when they came to Japan.  Maybe next time.
Overall, I'd say that my favorite would have to be Anneke van Giersbergen when she was still with The Gathering.  Very unique voice.    
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So after some reviewing, I think I'm going to go with the DT880.  If the open design proves to be a big deal I can just use my HD280 Pro at night and save the DT880 for when I'm by myself or listening to music on my D2+ on the other side of the house.   Next question then, for those familiar with the DT880:  any recommendations on an amp that complements it?  Portability isn't really a concern, though I would prefer it not take up too much space.  I don't usually...
I'll repost my criteria from a thread I made before seeing this one.  I'll let the other thread die so as not to take up space.  Trying to upgrade from Sennheiser HD 280 Pros.     I will be using the headphones for gaming(and will likely be pursuing a virtual surround solution, which I've been reading about on Nameless's thread), but also as my primary source of music listening(from FLAC rips of my CDs played through Foobar on my PC).  My music tastes are fairly...
Another question.  I've heard about a Japanese line called Stax that operate on a different principle than most common headphones.  Generally expensive, but since I'm in Japan, I might be able to find an older model for a decent price(my wife is ridiculously good at finding deals).  If I were able to find one of the lower end models, such as the SR-303, would that be worth a purchase for my purposes?   EDIT:  and that's what I get for assuming forum codes work the...
Hey everyone.  I've lurked for a bit, but decided I'd register to get some advice.  I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pros for the last 8 years, and since my daughter decided that they looked better with broken plastic, I figured it was a fine time for an upgrade.  So here's some of the things that might affect my choice.   I will be using the headphones for gaming(and will likely be pursuing a virtual surround solution, which I've been reading about on Nameless's...
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