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+1 Integration with BubbleUPnP would be a major win for UARP.
I thought I'd chime in here too. Got the USBROM and after a few self induced screw ups I got my Nexus 7 to easily recognize my Matrix Mini and a cheapo Startech USB DAC.   Using BubbleUpnp I'm streaming FLAC files flawlessly to my stereo.
Herus looks nice. Here's an OTG cable I found for a few bucks:   Any reason why it might not work with a Galaxy S3?
Yes. The Jameco one has the correct (negative) polarity.
Here we go:   I just received the 252II and the Stax "certified" wall wart was rated at 400ma so this one should be fine. I'm also using the little amp to drive the SR-407s and it's very nice indeed.
^ This. SACD/DSD is often remastered with way more care and attention. Or, maybe they just make it all louder
No toslink on that one though. If you want to stay in the pro audio world you could try this:   a bit over $200.00 but has optical in (but no USB!). I had one for a while and it's nice, but runs hot.   The Audioengine D1 is probably the only one I've seen that has both toslink and usb. Currently I'm using a Motu and it's very nice as well. It has coax, usb, and firewire but no...
I just got my SR-407s yesterday driven by an SRM-252II. I spent a long time comparing the Stax to my HD600s and Woo WA2.   The 407/252 combo is really nice and I would have to say on most material clearly superior to the 600/Woo combo.
So my Stax system arrived a few hours ago. I got it from elusive disc with their 10% sale and it consists of an SR-407 and a demo SRM-252 II. Been listening to some Beethoven violin sonatas and some Vivaldi as well as some music that I've written. This is very good stuff.
Two part question:   Can anyone tell me what the output impedance of a Stax amplifier is? Any Stax amp is fine I just want to get an idea. The only thing I've seen that has this spec is the Mal Valve Three which is apparently 600 ohms.   Also, does it make sense to use the same electrical principles of output/input impedance when discussing electrostatic headphones compared to dynamic headphones? Given the 1k Ohm+ load I would think things like electrical damping...
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