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Then what is a good amp in our price range?
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    A little under $200 is what I'm targeting, if that is a reasonable range.    EDIT: suggestions? :D
Do you have any recommendations for specific amps? I saw recommendations for the EF2A among other things.   EDIT: also received recommendation for the Maverick D1
    Nope.    Magick Man, what are the pros/cons of the Maverick D1?
I recently purchased a pair of AKG K240's for classical - namely string/orchestral. They are shipping right now, and I was wondering if they would benefit from a dac/amp, to replace the usage of my computer's onboard audio (dell latitude). Any good recommendations for a dac/amp, and is one necessary? My budget for the dac/amp is $200.
I've got the same issue as the OP, looking for a dac/amp under 200 for k240's. :P
Thanks, I'll take this into consideration when I buy some new headphones (my first half-decent ones) later. 
On ebay, wouldn't you have a higher risk of buying a counterfeit though? And also, is the cello a low-end or mids instrument? Sorry I don't know much, I just joined today
I'm looking for headphones for classical music (mainly orchestral & cello, a bit of violin) under $100. I will listen to them off of my computer's onboard sound with a Sony STR-DH500 that I found around my house. I'm considering the Shure SRH440 or Sennheiser 448. Are there any better choices for headphones for this purpose?
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