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Is this the NRB mod? It sounds interesting, especially since I've heard from some of my friends that Etys need more bass. Darn... those are way out of my budget. I was aiming for ~$100, haha. Maybe one day I'll buy the 4.Ai. They look so pretty, and from what I've read, sound amazing... commence wishful thinking Yep, I was taking a look at the HF series, $99 on amazon right now for a pair of HF5. Seems ideal. In terms of tips, they have the same tips as the ER20, right? I...
Darn, I didn't realize that.... So Etymotics it is? Or are there other IEMS "better" for classical? Thanks in advance.
What are the chances of another ~$100 sale on the TF10 on Black Friday? Also, which IEM is better for my purposes: TF10 or HF5? Are there others that suit my purposes better? I mostly listen to a variety of classical, with bits of other genres sprinkled in. Thanks in advance.
I'm pretty sure the OP says they will be listening TO lectures while commuting, not for during lectures. Sorry I can't help though, I only own 1 pair of portables, so my opinion would be a little skewed.
Well then I'm curious to see what they sound like ^_^  Even though they're beats, doesn't hurt to taste a variety of headphones.
The only place I could ever try  different headphones was my local Best Buy. After comparing some Sony "Studio Monitors" to some XB500s, I immediately disliked the "extra bass" of the XB500. I don't know if I didn't listen long enough or hard enough, from my experience it was obvious that the overpowering bass ate the mids and the treble. As for the Beats.... I tried the Pros. The clamping force was so strong I couldn't even test them. My head hurt for the next 5 minutes...
I'll look into the warranty on my k240. Thanks!    BrownBear, when you were searching for an Austrian pair, did you look on Ebay? I thought I saw a pair of k240 600-ohms on there...
My (nearly) 3 month old K240s are starting to crack! At the moment there is only 1 crack on the left earcup's plastic thing, but it could always develop into more... I'm quite concerned after reading a previous post I found on this @ http://www.head-fi.org/t/564340/hairline-cracks-in-akg-k240-mkii... Any fixes without buying a new part for the K240? I bought this off a seller from Amazon, if that helps. (Is it possible to send them back for a replacement?) Will this...
Thanks for the info, I will probably get the Xonar DG.
I read that Asus (and creative) make bad drivers for their sound cards. Is this true?   EDIT: Other than that, it seems pretty nice.   I'm also planning on buying a new computer, I don't want to deal with my current one (it's meh, and I was planning on upgrading way before I bought new headphones). How does the Xonar DG compare to the audio card(?) included with the Dell XPS 8500?
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