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Does head-direct's $49 RE0 count as a deal?
I have some reservations for something being hyped as much as the MH1C... as everyone's basically saying these are the best budget IEMs. This feels like a FOTM IEM to me... If I buy the MH1C, I'm waiting at least half a year for the hype to die down first... thanks though.
Do you mean compared to the RE 0/ZERO, or compared to all of the options listed?   To quote ljokerl on the HF5: "The nozzles are quite thin so care should be taken when changing eartips." What can potentially happen to damage the nozzles?   Thanks 
The EX600 is out of my budget :/ it costs upwards of $200 on Amazon. RE0 is $49 on head-direct right now, is the HF5 worth the doubled cost ($99) on Amazon compared to the RE0? How does the RE-ZERO compare to the RE0 i.e. is it worth the slight increase in price ($59)? Is the A161 worth the $100 compared to the RE0's $49 or the RE-ZERO's $59? R-50 is stretching my budget a little... I don't really want to spend too much on IEMs, even though these seem amazing. The Xcape...
@hitme: These sound interesting, I'll take a look into them! (and maybe buy them AND whatever I'm looking for)   Sorry I didn't specify this, but I was interested in a pair of analytical/flat response IEMs, because the K240 and FX40 make me happy on other sound signatures.    Thanks in advance!
Bump - modification to questions. Man, threads in this forum get buried fast.
Dear OP - when trying to get help from others, try being less of a troll.   Anyways, they aren't random websites. The sites that these people recommend are perfectly good equipment sellers. Several popular headphones/iems here are not available on Amazon or eBay.
Hello fellow Head-fiers,  Can you please point me in a direction for listening to classical music with IEMs? I'd prefer to keep the price between $50 and $100. The most important factor for me is durability, because I don't want to be buying new IEMs every month  I'm considering Hifiman RE0/RE-ZERO or Etymotic MC5/HF5 at the moment. I've read that the RE0 isn't that durable (cable splitting issues?), and the HF5 is less durable than the MC5. How much of a pain is it to...
Thanks! I've been seeing Therians and more Genesects recently. It felt like a massive overdose of Therians when they were first released, but things have settled back to the normal routine. Genesect with scarf is so hard to defeat (without Heatran)... it a solid contender in the OU battleground.   My personal favorite volt switcher is Thundurus-T scarfed though, it hits ridiculously hard with decent speed. I can't decide whether Genesect or Scizor is better though,...
PO here, laddering in OU with rating ~1290. Rain is so easy to ladder with.
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