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RE-ZERO is hard to find now that head-direct ran out again...    How's the MC5, the HF5's little brother? I hear it has much better durability... lightning deals V-Moda V-80 (unlocks in ~9 hours) TS02 w/mic (unlocks in ~6 hours) Mozart: Piano Sonatas [Box Set] (unlocks in ~10.5 hours) Denon AH-D310  (unlocks in ~16 hours)
+1 for AKG K2xx series - I'm loving the comfort of my K240 while wearing glasses. Granted, it's my first pair of "real" headphones, but much more comfortable than all others I've tried.
It's been hovering around that price for a while now:
Sony MDR-3! I'm just posting it, don't really want to use them over my K240... probably wouldn't be able to stand it.      
The core principle of a slippery slope as suggested is flawed. On a different note, as a person that lives in a mess of popular culture, I agree that the marketing that promotes such products is pretty bad. It shapes an entire generation to be essentially the same people with the same possessions.
I remember reading something about how most "popular" songs have similar timbres. Can't remember where this was posted... maybe JStor?
I remembered hearing that TF10 wasn't going on sale this year because they were discontinued. Amazon's out of stock on them.
Does head-direct's $49 RE0 count as a deal?
I have some reservations for something being hyped as much as the MH1C... as everyone's basically saying these are the best budget IEMs. This feels like a FOTM IEM to me... If I buy the MH1C, I'm waiting at least half a year for the hype to die down first... thanks though.
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