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Top 5: Pokemon Emerald The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Pokemon FireRed N/A   Pretty sad list, I've been meaning to try the Final Fantasy Series for quite some time now. I played most of these games when I was much younger though, excluding TES4: Oblivion. Are there any good PC versions of FF? I don't own the primary consoles for FF (XBOX/PS3)
Sorry, I can't really help you there; I'm using a receiver that my dad gave to me. I haven't researched amps.   Maybe other members could offer you tips on amps. 
One of the benefits of having an amp is to negate electronic noise/interference from your source (laptop).
Because you know you're going to buy more 
If you're going to burn in, try playing your music slightly above normal listening volume. I didn't find much of a difference after playing them for a while though, YMMV.
My ears are ringing a lot right now, so I am having trouble hearing exact differences between amped/unamped. I can't tell if its tinnitus or earwax... and I'm young for this forums's standards!    For sure the amp offers more control over the precise volume of the K240 (for low volume listeners) - I found that its a pain to control the volume on my unamped K240 because it never hits the right spot. I blasted my ears because I forgot to turn down the volume after...
Are you planning on using these on the go with your laptop or at home/quiet area? I found that the semi open property of the K240 doesn't work with external noise.   I'll try testing unamped when I have a chance.
Agreed. I love my K240, but the soundstage feels slightly small. Maybe it was my recordings though. Hmm.
You guys here have never ending wallets.....  
Yup, I'll take a look into the MC5. Thanks! I'll probably get these.   Oh, I think I forgot to mention that my friend gave me his UE hard case (I think it's a TF10 case). It is metallic/gray/silver colored with the UE logo on it, and a rubber seal on the lid. 
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