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ESP 590 for $597.06
Congrats :) 
I'm in! Happy holidays to all on Head-Fi!
I was going to do that.. but I wanted to spend some $$$ on headphones for myself too  Still bought 2 pairs for my friends ^_^
I got the same thing haha. And both are for friends too!
Now that is some pretty serious dedication to good sound.
Hope you enjoy them! My budget doesn't allow for massive purchases, so its all yours :P
I have a code for 10% off $500 or more on Amazon. PM me if you want it. I'd like to see some sort of order confirmation so I know that it's going to a good place :) EDIT: Code claimed.
With more companies marketing headphones towards people of younger ages, the general age level of HF is decreasing from what I can see. The omnipresent marketing, everywhere we go, attracts people searching for better deals than Beats. I am one of those people who was pulled in by the search for something cheaper (and better) than Beats.   If there's one thing we can thank those companies for, its exposing parts of a generation to hifi.
Same, thanks for the amazing deal Audius!
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