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Favorite: classical. Good luck with your survey!
Yeah, it's difficult for me to get a seal with Etymotic tri-flanges. It always seals perfectly in one ear but not the other... 
I saw some Ultrasones yesterday. First time ever! 
If you can get something like this to work, tell me how it is! I'm not sure how well that would work, but it can't hurt. It's decently cheap.   Be very careful when figuring out how to affix the foam to the nozzle... that method looks somewhat dangerous.
  Wow, someone's a really lucky guy 
Happy New Year Headfi! Enjoy your newly acquired head gear 
  Thanks a million! I'm going to have to figure out how this works ^_^   Quote:
This. This is MADNESS! (Planning next vacation spot right there ^_^ just kidding.)
Hello Argyris, For this method of yours, can you describe it in more detail? It sounds really interesting. What OS do you run the server as?  In the Windows 7 "properties" menu, do you use the "sharing" tab, click the "share" button below the Network Path, and perform some magic there? I have no idea how this works.       Another Smogon visitor!  One of my friends peaked at #1 on Pokemon Showdown recently... and then his brother came along and destroyed his rating.  Did...
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