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You know you're an audiophile when you spend all night searching for ideas on what headphone stand to buy... then realize you're broke.  Those Sieveking stands look amazing though...too bad they cost more than all of my headphones combined. 
I saw a pair of Monster DNAs today. They were easy to spot from miles away, that blue color makes them too recognizable. ^_^
Ok, thanks TwinQY. I'm mainly listening to Cantonese/HK and Mandarin music (and classical, but that's easy to find in the US). But they happen to have Final Fantasy OSTs here for a slightly cheaper price than Amazon! 
I tried going to BB today to try this. Apparently they ran out of Amazon gift cards already, and they invalidated the offer or something.
Alright I'll take a look around these sites. Thanks Miceblue!
@Niceblue: No problem! I have a 128kbps copy of it though...    Hmm... do you guys know where to buy higher quality copies of Asian music? I can't find out for the life of me. My friend gave some pretty bad recordings to me.... as in 8kbps bad.  I'd love to buy higher quality copies of this stuff. If only I knew where...
Sometime, the earth will not be able to sustain the exponentially increasing population.
Favorite: classical. Good luck with your survey!
Yeah, it's difficult for me to get a seal with Etymotic tri-flanges. It always seals perfectly in one ear but not the other... 
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