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Not hate. Just disappointment that this might start a trend. I admire the desire to be different but the practice is probably going to be Marmite as we would say in the UK.
Now see! It can be done. A little bland and smart phone looking but at least you don't feel compelled to pluck your own eyes out when using it. My faith in Korean stylists is almost restored
Ha! Maybe. I am sure their styling budget is not as great as the Bavarian car maker. But surely the Koreans can find machines that can do curves?
I really don't understand. The AK100 and AK120 have a sort of understated elegance. What the hell happened in the boardroom when someone took the AK240 in and said "here we go, isn't this fab!"?   I agree to a point that it is about the sound but come on. Car ownership is all about the driving but BMWs are still ugly. At least there you sit inside it and don't have to see the angular garbage on the outside.   I fear that A&K have gone for the BMW crowd. Expensive and...
WTF!!! Designed by Stevie Wonder perchance. I don't care how good it sounds, I would be embarrassed to be seen with it. U. G. L. Y.
Listening on these now as I type. First album so probably not representative of how they will sound in a month or so. I am actually quite impressed. Not normal a MF fan as I find the sound a bit thin but I needed a set of foldable headphones for the new longer commute and these fit the bill physically and financially so I thought I would give them a go.   They sounded a bit bass light in the shop but that was on my phone so fair enough. Trying them at home now with my...
I might have a couple of units I would be willing to sell if we can get a list together.
I have just bought a Bose Soundlink Mini wireless speaker for when I am working away from home and don't want to put headphones on. £170 compared to £120 - £180 for a Jambox or Soundmatters equivalent. In limited testing in shops I thought the Bose sounded fuller and better so I bought it. Agreed that the accessories are quite expensive (but probably no more than people would pay for mobile phone accessories) and the Soundmatters accessories are not much cheaper. But it is...
I also ripped everything to FLAC. Took me two years but it was worth it. If you start with your most listened to music it can take the stress out of it. I don't use the C3 with a BH but I can verify that it is worth the investment in time in getting the source files as good a quality as possible. If only for when the C3 successor comes out and you really can hear a difference!
TrollDragon   I don't know if it was a blip but the sound level seems to have restored itself now. I tried to reset it (doesn't normally work) and it seems ok this morning, if a little quieter than normal.   Gremlins!!
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