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Here is what we will be bringing:   Headphones: HD650, HD800, HE-400, LCD-2 Amps: WA7, Cloud Nine (multiple) Various IEM, Headphone, and Interconnect cables   We will be offering a 20% OFF + NO SALES TAX special on all demos at the meet and giving out exclusive code for use to order online.   Also, we are giving away a pair of cables for the raffle consisting of ONE 6” mini to mini and ONE 1’ female to mini extension cable using cryo treated plugs and new type 6...
Unfortunately not.
Will be taken care of.
Prototype pictured is the same one shown at the meet.
     Thank you all for your comments. Greatly appreciate it. 
Yes, it will work on the HD600 as well.
That was us.
 Second this. We didn't have time to take any breaks. It was very crowded, but fun.
Congrats! Enjoy!
 Can you put us down for 1x M and 1x XL.
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