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X Series Custom Cable for CIEMs Wire: Silver + Gold (Type 6 Litz) Plug: Oyaide Rhodium Plated 3.5mm Right Angle Y-Splitter: Black Aluminum Slider: Natural Round Wood
X6 Series Custom Cable for Shure/Westone/Campfire/Fender Wire: Pure Silver (Type 6 Litz Black) Braid: Semi-Round Plug: PS 2.5mm TRRS Balanced Y-Splitter: PS Black Aluminum Slider: Black
X8 Series Custom Cable Wire: Silver Plated Copper (Type 6 Litz) Braid: Flat Configuration: Dual RCA to Dual RCA
Of course. 1. Visit our Interconnect cable page at http://www.plussoundaudio.com/customcables/interconnect.html2. Pick out preferred cable and begin to select overall cable length, wire, braid, etc.3. Under connector [1] and connector [2] options, select on both either 'plusSound Cryo Treated Gold Plated Right Angle' or 'plusSound Cryo Treated Gold Plated Straight'.4. At checkout, leave note under instructions to seller with anything like 'DX50/90 to Mojo Coax' or 'Coax'...
We haven't developed mono right angle plugs, but we are able to apply our 3.5mm TRS right angle plugs onto cables for coaxial.
Hola, I recommend you try nylon multifilament sleeving. Its very soft. We offer them on our website in three colors; Black, Silver, and White.http://www.plussoundaudio.com/diy/parts.html
 We build custom cables.
LR Series Custom Cable for Sennheiser HD600/HD650 Sleeving: Black Termination: Dual 3.5mm Balanced Y-Splitter: Viablue Aluminum Slider: Red
 Thanks a lot for your support Jason! All cable information and options are found on our website at http://www.plussoundaudio.com/customcables/headphone.html. Any questions that you or anyone may have regarding our products can PM us on Head-Fi or email us at sales@plussoundaudio.com.
You could use any heatshrink or one of our aluminum ones as slider.
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