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There is always that risk for the early adopter of ANY product. But at least SQ seems covered judging from what I've heard at THE Show.
 Yup. I was that other friend. It was at THE Show @ Newport. It was a pretty fantastic player indeed. Very revealing and unforgiving though. Great songs sounded fantastic out of it. Got to hear reasonable masters of  Allan Parson's "Eye in the Sky" and with Stevie Wonder "Superstition" and life was good. But there was this POS Billy Jean master that sounded awful. The player at the time had no case. Here is how it looked like.  
Going from vinyl to a CD may mean completely different mastering with all sorts of different processing involved. That can make a huge difference. A turntable may need some compensation as well.A tube amp vs an SS can also make a big difference as well.I understand what you r saying. However, I wouldn't say headphone matter least. Specially considering the equipment that you list in your profile.I can also say that I went to a few "hi fi" shows, and in some setups there...
Well, I like the Oppos, but I like the HD600s a lot more. Even if they were the same price, IMO the HD600s r more engaging n detailed. They r not the same price.
Dunno man, have used my HD600's directly out of my craptop's headphone out and they still sound like HD600's... Somewhat underpowered, loose, and unrefined... But not too bad.Now try using a pair of United Airlines free-cans out of your Pico, or for that matter any Dyna-low/mid/high, B22, O2, or whatever...The cans matter... A lot IMO. The Abyss deliver. Expensive n ugly? Perhaps. Depends on ones sense of fashion. Mod the headband then. They do sound good tho.
Two days sounds like a interesting idea. I think Can-Jam and T.H.E Show are like 3 days... More equipment to cover and perhaps in not such a hurry.
Yeah, fit is awkward, but don't try too hard to make them seal. It seems they sound best with the gap. Once I got that, things went a bit more smoothly for me.   And just noticed you changed your 009's headband! Agree it looks better. Did the original headband broke? I know they can be a bit fragile. Justin had a broken set at a meet, and saw someone snap a Lambda at another meet. For all their butt-ugliness, the Abyss seems built like a tank... Sort of like the...
 When you get around it, note that most people (like me) have trouble getting the Abyss cans to provide perfect seal. What happens in general is that a gap develops between the cans and ones head. For electrostatic headphones, in general, seal is very important or bass will severely roll off. The Abyss seems to not require seal and in fact may sound better w/o it. So while I still don't feel the Abyss where bestest in terms of fit, just be aware that having a gap between...
 This is sort of an old question, but here is my take on it: Abyss IMO has more impact and detail in the bass area than the HD800's. I feel the HD800 offers an analytical signature. The Abyss offers a warm signature. I prefer the sound signature of the Abyss to the HD800s. Don't like how either one look and cost. Then again I don't like how Stax cans look and cost either.
Awesome setup you had there Frank. Best electrostatic rig in the meet IMO, and perhaps over-all. I feel fortunate I had the chance to hear it.
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