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 Seems to me NwAvGuy banned himself from his own website.
 Sarcastic or not "We're cool now" is exactly what you said over a year ago. Are you cool now? I'm not sure what you want to take to private email. Do you currently own Schitt products? Any further issues/concerns with such products that you haven't already discussed in public forums and youtube, and left unresolved?  
 Dunno if it matters at this point to you, going by your profile it seems you no longer have HD800s and seem to be sticking to your KGSSHV + SR-007 combo. I disagree w you about the Anax mods. I heard Anax's own HD800s and though they were great. Didn't like the stock HD800 that much.
That's watz ol'bout Lors. If after your mods they sound much better than just a pair of bookshelf speakers, I would say that's an accomplishment and job well done.
 Exactly! Look, if Koss can doit, so can ML. BTW, your mod looks pretty cool!
 Agreed, and no problem: Linky
  Sounds like an great mod!
  You feel these are worth $300, parts alone proly > $60, HD448 < Mikros 90, and KSC-75 <<< Mikros 90. I don't. I also explained my position by way of impressions and measurements of not one but two Mikros 90s. As far as $50 something, in ljokerl's Tier B ($50 - $100) list there are some cans that IMO seem pretty respectable and interesting: Creative Aurvana Live!, Superlux HD668B, ...  I had the first Mikros 90 w channel imbalance for about half a week. The second I think...
From memory, I also feel the m-80s had a fuller sound and better bass extension/presence than the Mikros 90.    I feel that if someone digs the Mikros 90, that's great. I just do see how if someone doesn't dig the sound of them, then all of the sudden he/she doesn't know what he/she is talking about, or is somehow "unqualified" to post his/her impressions. That's just BS.   For the most part, I agree w poopsockk's and AustinValentine's impressions.
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