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I know this is an old thread but did you ever find the values of the two capacitors? or markings on them at the least? I too have an old bose ie that I've found but have long discarded the connector/filter
I actually mounted the aluminum case inside the stand. The case I bought is a little longer than the one recommended for the O2 because I wanted the overall depth to be longer. The case has slots for the pcb to slide into and I could also ground the board as well. I don't like to put place bare electronics so close to wood, even if it is low voltage. I'll post pictures later.
Introducing my omega style headphone stand with built in O2 amp! The thread I started can be found here    
I've been reading head-fi for a while now, which inspired me to get music listening hobby on the road. Here's my attempt to give back to the community.   Inspired by the DIY headphone stand thread here   Here's the original headphone stand inspiration   And the O2 Amp details from NwAvGuy   I decided to combine my DIY projects...
just finished reading this entire thread through the course of about 3 days. But during that while, I've been in the processing of making an omega style headphone stand with built in DIY O2 amp. I'm in the process of staining and finishing so hopefully picutres to come!
modded my m50 after less than a year having them, used the barrel type jack from amazon   and soldered the original cable with this   and added this just for fun as well, just in case anyone was looking for a cable with mic   the mic isnt going to be as...
I've had the m6 for quite some time now but threw them on the bookshelf after first impressions. I have the microphone version (m6p) and there was a problem with the mic line bleeding into the audio line. I had to open the mic housing and place an insert between wires so they wouldn't touch. The housing broken so its held in place with electrical tape now. It was a horrible first impression to the m6.   At first impression, I thought the highs were going to make my...
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