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Burn in did make some IEM sound different. However I won't burn in my IEM on purpose before I use them. I enjoy notice the changes of my IEMs thru normal usage and I found that kinda fun.
Just curious, what's the point to get a pair of CIEM that cannot be re-shelled?
There were some reports in the past that the Westone soft tips on their CM got cracked after 1-2 years of usage. Hopefully this won't happen for this CM.
Some key differences between AK120 and the AK70/300   1. AK120 is smaller in size 2. AK120 has 2 micro SD cards slots 3. AK120 has warmer sound signature than the AK70/300 4. AK120 doesn't have balance output, while the AK70/300 support balanced output
Hi Frank,   Please check and reply PM, just want to check if my cable is shipped....   Thanks.
Just curious, how much did you spend for this CIEM and all the traveling costs?
PMed, thanks.
Glad to hear a huge batch was shipped. Hope this would include my order which was placed by end May...
 I think it is just copy and paste from some standard CS scripts, which just means there is no plan to release, at least in foreseeable future...
Hi Frank, I am looking for copper cable for my Fitear 335DWSR, but I seems could not find the product catalog in your sponsor page. Can you give me a pointer on where to find them? Thanks.
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