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 Well when you read Chinese forums, you have to know that they tend to criticize (point out issues) instead of giving constructive comments. So I usually just trust at most 50% of them, since there must be at least 50% good things hidden behind the comments that they won't talk about.... I will be really hyped if DX200 really sounds a on par with the DX100. I have been finding a DAP with smooth UI like the AKs but sounds like the DX100 for years
Interesting. Just curious, how could a single IEM "sounded right" on different combinations of DAPs+cables? There should be some comprise as different combinations should have their own unique signature. Will it sound not right if I purchase new DAPs and cables in the future?   Sorry not mean to challenge anyone, I just found this interesting and am purely curious.
Just asked the retailer in HK that I ordered my DX200 from, they said there is no stock in HK now, should be available by end of this week
But the Android on DX100 was awful ....
I was attracted more by the food and the contents on the newspaper (very seldom had chance to read local Chinese newspaper)
This somehow reminded me of the AK240SS.... It would be exciting to put it into your ears during winter time   Maybe Titan for summer, 335DW for winter
Burn in did make some IEM sound different. However I won't burn in my IEM on purpose before I use them. I enjoy notice the changes of my IEMs thru normal usage and I found that kinda fun.
Just curious, what's the point to get a pair of CIEM that cannot be re-shelled?
There were some reports in the past that the Westone soft tips on their CM got cracked after 1-2 years of usage. Hopefully this won't happen for this CM.
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