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Just curious, how much did you spend for this CIEM and all the traveling costs?
PMed, thanks.
Glad to hear a huge batch was shipped. Hope this would include my order which was placed by end May...
 I think it is just copy and paste from some standard CS scripts, which just means there is no plan to release, at least in foreseeable future...
Hi Frank, I am looking for copper cable for my Fitear 335DWSR, but I seems could not find the product catalog in your sponsor page. Can you give me a pointer on where to find them? Thanks.
I think the AK320 is so low profile was due to the fact that it is too similar to AK380, just without DSD support. And people who would pay that much for a AK320 will probably paid a bit more for the AK240, or even AK380, which support DSD playback. Hence, very few people would be interested on the AK320.   The AK300, as mentioned, is a single DAC version of AK320, which should be cheaper than the AK320. Apparently, AK want to expand their market share by different lines...
And you need to submit your personal information to them and wait for 1 or 2 months to buy a re-branded Chinese DAP....?
From your profileFrom your profile, it seems this is your first CIEM? Just would like to clarify, the seal of a UIEM might not be worse than a CIEM if you find the right tips. Also, CIEM could also get dirty as ear wax/oils can build up on it after uses. Similar to silicon tips on UIEM, you need to clean the CIEM periodically.
Isn't C435 discontinued? They aren't even on Fitear's official web site.
  So Fitear is expanding their market to Mainland China, and has setup a Weibo account for better direct communications with Chinese customers? It seems a good move to them, just hope the high demand in China won't slow down their service to other overseas customers....   About the customer services, I think there is no doubt that Fitear is responsible for accessing the performance of their local distributors, and take prompt actions against those that are not doing...
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