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Chinese battery problems could be fatal, send it back asap     Btw, any news on the 64bit windows driver?
Even automatic scan is selected, if there is no change in the files, it should not scan each time when the machine boot up
Japanese people with hearing problems are so lucky that they can wear their Fitear all the time to improve their listening experience
I think the price of the II will only be a little bit higher than the current version to encourage people to upgrade, and to keep the flagship image of the 240, tho the DAC config the 120II looks almost same as the 240....
Just received the SW for my MH335DW. As promised with Frank, I will post my thoughts here.   First of all, I must admit that, like other posters said, this cable is really gorgeous, and the build quality is also very high. And it is soft and flexible, makes it really easy to use. One small comment is that the metal plate in the cable makes it a bit heavier than others (the metal plate is really gorgeous and makes it distinct with other cables tho).   SQwise, I don't...
Hi Frank, pls check PM, sorry if I am a bit impatient
Hi Frank, pls check PM again... thanks
i love the term "unexplained new feature" more than bug or defect
Hi Frank, pls check PM... thanks.
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