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Sorry, I tried to search the other thread but seems no answer to my question.   I noticed there is a modded firmware project going on for the DX200 and I am becoming a bit interested on that. But I just worried if I flashed that modded FW and bricked my DX200, will that still under warranty by ibasso?
Have you try to swipe to the top (or bottom) of the screen on the "New Sandisk SD card detected" screen to unlock the screen? The screen is locked after you first boot up the machine.
Hi Frank,   I ordered by cable on 31Jan, and would like to check the status of my order, please check PM, thanks.
Quote: It also happened when change track in the middle of a playing track and then go back to the original track...
Not sure whether this is intended feature or not, but I just found this strange, is there any settings I can change to fix this?   1. Play any song 2. Power off or change track in the middle of the song 3. Go back to the song that was previously playing 4. The song will play at the position where it was playing before (e.g. in the middle of the song)   Is there any way that when go back it will play at the beginning of the song?
Chairman Xi "One DAP, One FW"
Just a heads up for those who didn't receive Frank's email/PM replies for months, I placed my order on his web site on 31Jan, sent him a PM on 01Feb and got his reply today 02Feb. Maybe I am just lucky and sent him PM when he is awake and free   Hope my cable will be arrived not very long time later
Hi Frank,   Sorry to interrupt, please check PM when you have time, thanks.
Great to hear that Frank is just busy completing his orders. Think I am gonna made him even more busy soon 
lol yea I have experienced the wait twice already, and I am really gonna order my third cable from Frank. But just saw someone in this thread that mentioned they haven't heard from them for 16-17weeks (4 months) that made me a bit worry about their business 
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