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Currently, the only accurate way to tell if your 335 is eligible for upgrade is to send them to FitEar for their checking, or let Suyama san check for you if he came to your place. You will get a certificate that tells your 335 can upgrade or not and you need to submit that certificate to FitEar when you order for the upgrade.
As far as I know, there is no "to go 335" for sale (yet). Or am I outdated already?
I remember I read somewhere that actually for the "burn-in" and "perfect-fit" effect that perceived by CIEM users are actually due to their brain got tuned to the sound of the CIEM and their ear shape being slightly changed to fit the shape of the CIEM. I don't have that article now. But I believe our body (e.g.our brain and ears) did somehow make changes to cope with outside changes.
Well actually from what I observed, it is not hard to determine if the MH335DW is capable for upgrade or not. It seems that the only concern that Suyama san has for the upgrade is how wide the tip is. I think they can train the staff at their local dealers like Jaben for the checking if they want to extend this service to overseas....
Looks like its one off event this time. Not sure they will allow their dealers to do this for their customers after this session...
Yes, 3 weeks
Just went to Jaben HK today and had Suyama san checked my MH335DW, and he said although the ear canal is too long and need to be shorten for the SR upgrade, it should be still qualified for upgrade.   Got a certificate, a Fitear file folder and a ball pen after the event for free.   Thanks a lot Fitear! Looking forward for the upgrade arrangement to be announced later! 
For those who don't know Chinese, ECT (the retailer of AK in HK) offer to trade in your AK100/120 to buy the AK240
Perhaps the volume is set to min for that USB DAC device? Have you check the sound volume in the windows sound setting?
i guess it is because they will release ak380ss some time later that cost more than ak380
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