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 That is my second-favorite song on the first album. Great song! 
 Yeah, I rode a black 750 motorcycle down to see Motorhead in the 80's and I saw them live. Riding a bike down to see Motorhead pretty much ruined all further metal for me. If you've never ridden a bike to a Motorhead show, how could you possibly know metal?
We all know the greatest metal track of all time is Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades"    
 I haven't really enjoyed many metal albums since the first time I saw Motorhead in concert in the 80's. They were so good it kind of ruined the rest of metal for me. I saw Motorhead about 30 years ago, and I've seen almost zero improvement since...
  Arctic Monkeys - Riot Van (2005)   When a band names a song, "Riot Van," it's time to listen-up! 
The new releases just keep rolling in...   Billy Joe Shaver has a new release for traditional country fans. The first track includes vocals by Willie Nelson because Willie knows the deal:     There is a new release by the Counting Crows called, "Somewhere Under Wonderland." This is perhaps the most interesting release by them in quite awhile.  
Prog rock is a snooze to me. Let me direct you to THE REAL rock n' roll:  
The Replacements have just appeared on TV for the first time in 25 years:  
The Replacements - First time on TV in 25 years (!), and they've still got it! The Replacements just appeared on The Tonight Show performing "Alex Chilton."   The best band of the 80's had the guts to re-appear after 25 years!    
I enjoyed driving around today and listening to this one with the volume up and the windows down:     Iggy Pop - Soldier (1980)   I never dreamed I'd be driving a 2014 model new car and still blasting "Soldier." Or maybe I did dream it a long time ago, and that's why it happened. 
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