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Big ears won't be a problem but they do clamp uncomfortably on my glasses, however I have that problem with other full sized headphones.   Clamping force is high at first and they don't seem very comfortable, but after wearing them for a few months the clamping force eases up and they have become very comfortable for me. (or you can try stretching them). They sound awesome.
OK, total noob warning..   I'm just starting to stick my big toe into the PC audio hobby. I am also on a tight budget and would like to learn as much as I can without spending too much money.   So I first purchased some headphones and ended up with the well regarded Monoprice 8323 and sure enough, they sound great right out of my laptop (thinkpad X61) and Sansa Clip +.   Ok, so as an experiment I took the headphone out of my laptop (and clip+) into the...
Oh wow.. thanks for that. I found a great link on DIY audio about this board, great reading.
Thank you. Yeah, I did end up upgrading my headphones. It seems that is the way to go until you get to the upper level of headphones (or high impedance).
Ebay seems to have tons of DAC kits based on the WM8740 Wolfson and the TI PCM2760 chips. Some of them are in the $50-$60 range. Anyone ever tried one of these kits? I saw one where the guy would eve solder it for $8 :)   Just curious how one of these would sound if they were put together properly (a big if at my house).   Thanks!
Thanks.. my head is about to explode.  
Can anyone comment on how these stack up against the Superlux HD668b? I listen to Chill, Downtempo, Jazz, Reggae..   
Oh yeah, I've read that thread at length.   So laptop ---> E17 ---> headphones wouldn't be a noticable improvement over Clip+ --> headphones? Or maybe not with the headphones I currently have?   I might look at used gear also if it will make my $$ stretch further.  Or wait and save.. geesh, that is no fun.  If I did that, would I be best upgrading headphones first or source?
I'm hoping this question is enough of a deviation from the "which amp is best for $100" threads to warrent a response. The deal is, I have $100 only to improve my audio setup and I want to make sure I get the most out of it. I currently listen to music mostly at work via a Sansa Clip + and at home on my laptop. After much research I ended up buying a set of Yamaha RH-5Ma cans and I have been pretty happy with them, but they are the only "nice" headphones I've ever...
Not that I can find, but I'll keep looking. Thanks for the feedback on the E7.
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