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Do you mean you're just holding them in your hands? If you want to get an idea of leakage, cover the cups with your hands, that's how I usually do it. When I've done that with my HP50s I find the leakage to be quite low, no way would it disturb anybody unless you had it stupidly loud.
Really? I don't hear any difference at all. Are you using the audio only cable, or did you get one with a mic and pause button?
Man, this headphone looks awesome! I'm very glad they changed the shiny plastic to a matte finish, looks far nicer. Eagerly awaiting your review!
If they decide to make a home hifi headphone then that would be a good design angle to take, agreed.
Hmm, they do a little bit but they're not squashed by them or anything. My right ear is fine, but after a few hours my left ear gets slightly sore. I've had that issue with other headphones though, My left ear must just be sticking out a fraction more than my right.    But like I said, for portable use I think the comfort is great. It's not quite there for me for serious desktop listening, but it's obviously more of a portable / lifestyle / consumer headphone so that's...
Tyl's review is in the works, looking forward to seeing his thoughts soon!
So I've had my HP50s for a couple of days now. I can confirm the V-Moda audio cable fits perfectly and works without an issue, so if you need a longer cable for desktop use it's perfect.   Otherwise, I'm actually very happy with these headphones. They do sound very good indeed. Quite spacious and coherent. They also don't look anywhere near as bad on my head as they do on other people I've seen. I think it depends greatly on your hair and the shape of your head, and it...
Great impressions, Sonic Defender! I'll be sure to give mine when I get it next week and have some proper listening time. Mine are used so I wont worry about burning them in (though like you, I don't particularly believe in it). One thing about your write up, you mentioned that there was a difference in the bass between the M80 and the HP50, which you thought might be related to different driver size? I believe I'm correct in saying that both headphones use 40mm drivers,...
I'm kind of interested in this meet. I moved to Melbourne (Flemington) in November and have never had the opportunity to go to a meet before. If I can make it I could bring the following:   PX100ii NAD Viso HP50 (on the way in the mail, should have it before the meet) DT880 600 Ohm
I'm very interested in the 'more comfortable' part. I really loved the M80, but had to sell them because the clamping on my ears made them very sore very quickly, and the headband left me with a hotspot. Maybe I will try these out some time.
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