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Yes, that's precisely what I was thinking. Summit fi is the tier of performance he is talking about. End game is a concept.
Who are you to say what's endgame and what isn't? It's such a personal, subjective thing that is so much more than summit fi technical ability. For many people, a great $3-500 headphone with a capable amp dac is end game.Basically I'm saying end game for me is happiness and satisfaction with a set up that you feel no need to upgrade further, not that it is above an arbitrary performance threshold.
Head-Fi: Where the price of the gear matters more than the satisfaction it gives.
Agreed, the 400i's colour is really nice imo.
If anyone is interested in trying these cans without the full MSRP, I'm selling mine:
Pretty sure they're chrome.
Price drop!
Can I just ask for some clarification about something? You describe the 400i as being both 'thicker' and 'more light' the the 500. I know that audio terminology is an imprecise and wildly varying 'language' but for me personally those two terms sound like somewhat of a contradiction.  "Thicker" gives me the impression that it's a bit warmer tonally and a bit more saturated and lush sounding. "More light" gives me the impression that it's less thick. By lighter do you...
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