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Disappointing to see that they went with the right angle jack. Certainly not a deal breaker or anything but it makes absolutely no sense on a 6 foot cable to me, let alone on a headphone like the 400i which doesn't seem portable friendly at all (outside of being efficient enough). 
^ Yeah I was going to mention that mod actually, it certainly interests me.
Awesome, thanks, I'd greatly appreciate it! From Jerg's review the 400i sound like I would be drooling all over them (Both in sound and comfort), but his impression of the soundstage size only being "fair" worries me. I don't really know how large the DT880 is considered, but I wouldn't want an "upgrade" headphone to be a significant downgrade in the soundstage. As long as it sounds open enough and isn't cramped sounding is the main thing. I will definitely go out of my...
I'm wondering how the 400i would compare to the DT880. 
Admittedly the CAL! has a bit more in the midbass around 80-100hz, but since you said "lower bass" I assume you meant the very deepest notes which the UE6000 clearly has more of in listening for me, and this is also supported by the measurements which makes it pretty much objective fact in my honest opinion:   I have average sized ears, the UE6000...
Really? I found the UE6000 had significantly more prominent sub bass. The CAL! rolls off somewhat in the lower bass where as the UE6000 stays significantly flatter. Heck, let's keep it simple, my impression was the UE6000 has more bass, period. 
From Jerg's impressions alone, it sounds as though the 400i compares very well with the 500, and at $500 with better comfort? Seems a no-brainer in favour of the 400i for me. I look forward to auditioning them. 
Oh, awesome. I thought I read a while back that they were going to be different, that's good news then. Thanks. 
Thanks for the impressions, sounds like a very promising headphone. I'm glad to hear about the cable. 6 feet is perfect for me, does it use a Neutrik jack like the 560?  Regarding the bass extension, could you make any comparisons to other headphones you know well? It's slightly disappointing to hear it's not quite as extended as the previous HM headphones, but I think it's important to take a step back and see how well it's extended for a $500 open headphone. I doubt it...
Oh, also did I see that the cable included with it is sheathed? Any pictures of the cable would be nice, interested in how long it is, too.
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