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Cool, thanks Zenrap. I'm planning on going with the full pleather version so I would think they'll likely retain the sound better than the hybrids. 
Can anyone comment on the regular hm5 pleather pads with the Takstar Pro 80 / Kingston HyperX Cloud? I have the latter and would just like to make it a marginally roomier fit, so I'm thinking of pulling the trigger. Just wondering how it affects the sound and isolation.
You don't have to hear something to note that it's an imitation, do you? It's not even necessarily a statement of quality. 
The AudioGD NFB11.32 is also around that kind of price range. 
Ah, so you just got the graphs from the individual headphone's store pages?
Mildly off rails question, by how did you actually access that graph building site? Every time I go there anymore it tells me that it's under maintenance.
I haven't heard either, but I'm fairly certain the schiit's amp is supposed to put out substantially more power than the O2. That may or may not result in better sound / synergy, but more juice is certainly nice. If I was buying blind I'd go with the stack of schiit for that reason. Additionally, the uber combo has RCA out and pre-amp functionality, which is great for having speakers hooked up to your chain (or a tube amp if you're into that). I'm not sure that the...
Nevermind, I misinterpreted what you meant by that. Yes, I'd probably get lynched for that comment by Grado fanboys hahaha. Truth hurts I suppose.
Well, if you're implying that the 650 are even in the same ball-park as equivalently priced Grados in terms of design flaws, then  indeed, lol.
I wouldn't be using it anywhere near enough to justify going that far up the line, and I wouldn't ever consider it anyway since I think anything after the 80 is just outright of unacceptable design. Grado's super rudimentary, basic build is only 'charming' when you're not spending that much on it. At the $399AU they ask for the 325e over here, the charm would promptly evaporate and be swiftly replaced by indignance and outrage. I also suspect that the 60s and 80s are the...
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