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Was actually shopping for an LCD-3 so I'll be on the lookout & wary of any "too good to be true" deals being offered. Hope the thieves are brought to justice here.
Have a V200 in good shape (there are only a couple of nicks on the nextel case - I'll try to snap pictures shortly and update the ad with them).   Would rather trade for a turntable or other audio goodies of similar value. Also happy to sell for $675 shipped to the continental US or you cover shipping charges outside.
And a long overdue bump. Moving and settling in has been a long process... Still open to trade or sale! The condition of the HE-6's would be an 8/10 on the A'gon scale. The box/case it comes with about a 6/10 due to some minor scuffs on the outside.
So far no reviews on what they've got this thing hooked up to and how it sounds?   I've just unpacked mine and got it connected to a Mac Mini and a pair of TH900s for the time being. I haven't had more than 2 mins to listen to it but will be going through a comparison with my other combo (PS Audio PWD II + Violectric V200 or ecpaudio L-2) in a week or so.   No speakers to connect it to so curious what you're all hooking this thing up to as well.
 I heard the Alphas (not sure if they were the Dogs or Primes) with the Geek Pulse. Something definitely off with it today (Sunday) but the Alphas weren't exactly helping either. Given it was my first time listening to either, I was underwhelmed to say the least, after reading so much positive press about the Alphas. I hope they tune the Pulse before launching it. Show itself was very well done. Especially enjoyed the 2-ch part of it for some reason.  The HE-560s were...
Hey guys, I'm going to cancel this as there were only 2 people who pinged me via PM to commit to this. It's a bit last minute but I was hoping there would be at least 5 to make it worthwhile to hold it in the office space. Anything less and someone's home could definitely serve for a mini-GT.   Thanks to those who showed interest. Enjoy the rest of the summer Van peeps!
Final ping. Want to make sure if you're still committed to attending, pls PM me. Thanks!
Sorry to hear that Fireboy. Maybe next time!
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