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Have a Woo Audio headphone stand HPS-TB that I haven't used for a couple of years. In original box.   $60 shipped to the continental US.
Have a very good condition Momentum with original box, carrying case and the 2 cables it comes with, in Red.   This is the on-ear version, not the over-ear (ie. larger) one. Great travel cans.   Description here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F3H20E4/ref=twister_B00EDCRW84?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1   $125 + shipping to Continental US.
 I can see your perspective. Some people love the grain of the wood/veneer to come through, especially on furniture! :D I definitely love the Eames LCW chairs in the standard walnut finish and love to see the grain show through. That said, the Urushi lacquer with the metallic flakes finish on it is... like looking at a metallic finish paint vs the standard flat color finish on a BMW. The pop and brilliance when shown in a certain light is... mesmerizing, to me. :)
Having had the TH-900s for a while and comparing the TH-X00's against them, the TH-X00's are an absolutely BARGAIN. They have most (if not all) of the impact on the lower end and a similar smoothness to through the midrange and upper range. It also sounds better balanced, as some reviews have suggested of the reduced V-shaped curve to the sound. The cups are not as nicely finished as the urushi lacquer of the TH-900s but, at this price point, who's going to complain?!? A...
Have a pair of HifiMAN HE-560s which are in relatively mint shape (but should be Used - Very Good on the Amazon scale or 9/10 for the headphones on the Agon scale).   It comes with the original case with the slide on lid, original box and manual.   Looking for interesting trades of equivalent value as well so send me a PM and we'll see what we can do.
Looking to trade the rare and legendary ecp Audio L-2 amp for a Schiit Ragnarok or Eddie Current Super 7 in the same condition (Very Good to Excellent).   PM me if interested!       Link to photos of actual unit: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/768547/ecp-audio-dsha-1-l-2-black-diamond/
Have a minty HeadAmp pico slim for all your IEM amplification needs. In Black and with original packaging, and a short LOD cable for older iPhone/iPods (before lightning cable).   $275 shipped to the continental US. Wiling to ship overseas for additional fee. 
Was actually shopping for an LCD-3 so I'll be on the lookout & wary of any "too good to be true" deals being offered. Hope the thieves are brought to justice here.
Have a V200 in good shape (there are only a couple of nicks on the nextel case - I'll try to snap pictures shortly and update the ad with them).   Would rather trade for a turntable or other audio goodies of similar value. Also happy to sell for $675 shipped to the continental US or you cover shipping charges outside.
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