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I have a 3.5 year old. My home is in shambles with all his toys and stuff around. Dedicated listening room? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??!?!?! (says the Dad reminiscing fondly of his before kid days). 
music_man, it doesn't matter what people think. As long as you're enjoying the music, there's no need for external affirmation of what you're already experiencing via the music you get from these beauties.   I wish I had pictures of my Signums as they were in a really cramped and messy room (my family crashed into a single room in my sis-in-law's place while waiting for our home to be built), stuffed with so much crap between it there was no hope of all the audiophile...
 Oooh, just got the V200. Would be great to see how the V800 pairs up with it vs. the PWDII.
 Even more impetus to get a date set up and make this meet happen! 
I used to have a pair of Signums (bookshelf speakers) with the matching stands. I still miss them to this very day after selling them 10 years ago (went to Merlin VSMs). They did things I haven't been able to recreate again and I've not been able to find another pair used to pick up again.    They were probably the most emotionally satisfying speakers I've ever had thus far.
 Looks like a great listening space, with the desk next to your listening chair? I see the paper clip headphone hanger too. :)
 Just took it off. Next pic will show it nekkid!
Saturdays usually are the popular option for meets, although I am open to Sundays as well.   Parkie37, I see you have a MacMini with 2x960GB SSDs installed. Which ones did you install and are you using them as your primary music storage, with the external SSD as a backup? Curious since I just picked up a mid-2011 MacMini and planning to install one or two 250GB SSDs in there. Wondering what your config was like. Will be connecting directly to my PWDII w/Bridge via direct...
Quick shot of the v200 next to the L-2 and my dusty PWDII...cans on top.   So far, I'm loving what the v200 is doing with the TH900 but will give more thoughts over longer period of listening, since I know the "new" factor will wear off and I'm able to pick it apart for what it's not doing well.   
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