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 I heard the Alphas (not sure if they were the Dogs or Primes) with the Geek Pulse. Something definitely off with it today (Sunday) but the Alphas weren't exactly helping either. Given it was my first time listening to either, I was underwhelmed to say the least, after reading so much positive press about the Alphas. I hope they tune the Pulse before launching it. Show itself was very well done. Especially enjoyed the 2-ch part of it for some reason.  The HE-560s were...
Hey guys, I'm going to cancel this as there were only 2 people who pinged me via PM to commit to this. It's a bit last minute but I was hoping there would be at least 5 to make it worthwhile to hold it in the office space. Anything less and someone's home could definitely serve for a mini-GT.   Thanks to those who showed interest. Enjoy the rest of the summer Van peeps!
Final ping. Want to make sure if you're still committed to attending, pls PM me. Thanks!
Sorry to hear that Fireboy. Maybe next time!
Update list of attendees and date (August 17th). 
Aug 2nd no go (even though it's the most voted day).   Looks like Aug 17th is the next day and I'll need a week or so advanced notice to get things set up.   Let me know if that works for everyone. Pls PM me or post here to confirm everyone!   -dave
So the meet isn't necessarily just for those of us with gear but ANYONE who is interested in head-fi stuff. So bring your ears too!
Pls vote on a date so we can coordinate. August is coming shortly. I can't edit the poll options without clearing the answers. :/
This is an interest check for a HifiMan HE-6 in great condition, with original case. Looking to trade for an IEM of equivalent value or sell for $900 USD shipped. I also have a Chris Himself of HPL Audio cable for direct speaker tap connection that I can throw in for $80 extra.   Let me know what you have. I'll snap some pics when I get a chance to. 
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