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Still loving mine, it's far down the list of eventual upgrade/replacements for me.
Yup. Underneath near the power socket there's a small recessed switch.
I think it's down to WASAPI being tied to the OS sound system, so in exclusive mode Windows will not play system sounds etc. but with ASIO that's not the case. The ASIO signal itself is bit-perfect but using it does not stop the std. windows sound system in any way so Direct-X/WASAPI etc. are still functioning and sending data to the device in parallel.
The only time I've noticed a click is from DSD to PCM and vice-versa. PCM to PCM at all rates (including DXD) is flawless. JRiver has a configurable delay for hardware sync though if you do run into the issue.
Another big thank you to Project86 for the initial writeup, and everyone else who has pitched in since then. I replaced a 12 year old Perpetual Audio P3A with the X-Sabre that arrived yesterday, I know I still have more burn-in-time ahead but I already love this unit. Such a lush, rich but incredibly clear sound from all sources and formats/depths/rates it's a pure joy to listen to. The build quality is also superb, in-hand it feels like the high end it is. Arthur was also...
Well I ended up going with the Matrix X-Sabre and am very happy with the choice. If you care about the unit itself then have a read of Project86's excellent write up, I'm just really posting here to answer my own core question of how it compared the P3A. In one word 'Rich', the P3A was a great DAC in it's day, very clean and neutral sound but compared to the X-Sabre it lacked warmth and texture, which the Sabre achieves without sacrificing clarity at all, it just makes the...
I thought I had just bricked mine. The update itself seemed to have gone through properly, but I never got the option to factory reset. The main screen restored for a second and then went back to the basic ibasso load screen, flickered a little occasionally and nothing else. I eventually reset it, removed the battery etc. with no luck. So I followed the suggestions on the previous page on how to break into recovery mode and reset from there, that did the...
I received mine today (Batch 2), listening to it at the moment. My previous DAP was a Cowon V5, an A3 before that, and a Sansa Clip+ for ultra-portable, IEMs are Westone 2s. I was a bit worried about losing the BBE suite from Cowon but was pleasantly surprised with just how well the DX50 sounds without any adjustments - better than the Cowon with FX, and far better than any of them 'naked'. So far I've just been running some 24bit FLACs and I'm loving the clarity and...
Another JRiver vote here. I've been using Mediamonkey for the last few years, Foober2K before that - all very competent players. I only really looked at JRiver when deciding on DSD capable players but what I have seen of both it's current capabilities, excellent plugin quality (and native VST hosting !)  and the forward thinking attitude and responsiveness of the Devs sold me on it.
 As we say in networking "The early bird catches the Bug" :)
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