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Elton John
"Grow Old With Me" John Lennon
 Here's to quality 
Text by proxy a new low.  Someone in my family had a serious GF of 4 years breakup via text.   So much for the 3 dates and a phone call breakup rule.
"Growing Old Is Getting Old" Silversun Pickups
Suzy Bogguss
I own every version of these albums, original vinyl, CD, original masters vinyl of the 1st two albums plus "Shake It Up," the HDTracks 24/96 downloads are significantly better than the CD's and at a level I would consider at or above what my current TT setup can equal.  I could not equal these digital transfers.  Outstanding!  The Mutt Lange produced "Heartbeat City" is so nuanced and musical, a real pleasure with higher end HP's.   Spacious, clean, and so portable....
"Old Man" Neil Young
"Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice 
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