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Mike & The Mechanics
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I was at a meet recently and was impressed by the JRiver player, so my bad.
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Destiny's Child
This meet was the perfect opportunity to pick out an HP.  THEOGENES, I'm calling you out, the only reason I bought the Ak 100ll was your post back to me prior to the meet.  I questioned whether I should get HP cables or the portable player and you felt the only logical course was to get the portable.  On two fronts this worked out, the Norne cables were 1/2 the cost of what I insanely considered, the player well it's working out.  So thank you!   FYI:  I didn't realize...
R.E.O. Speedwagon
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For anyone on this thread try out all the players for free Amarra, Puremusic, Fidelia, and Audirvana.     That could work out to at least two months of audio players for free, why not? 
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