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For those into vintage HP's the Fostex T10 and the MKlllB+ have nice synergy on the high setting.   An even tougher to push HP, the AKG K240 sextett, also gets enough juice with this portable amp on high setting.   The hiss/hum on high is not a big deal for me, I don't spend much time listening to my amp without music on.     The amp is loaded with power and battery life.
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The ALO Audio MKlllB+ has plenty of punch, the HD800 will rock your world, if there ever was an HP worth the dough this is the one, I have never had a regret about that buy.  The T1 is not far behind and brings superior bass.
Jack White's new album Lazaretto is good but not on the level of Blunderbuss (one of the best sounding vinyl albums I've ever heard)    Some of the tricked out new vinyl album is cool, like the floating hologram angel on side A.   The reverse side A is frustrating, hitting the mark on the inside to catch the opening is not easy and the endless note at the end is more annoying than fun.   I refuse to ruin my stylus on the inside label at 45rpm and 78rpm is not an...
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Since I know the meet will take place, I'm in, here's some gear I'll bring    HD800 T1 Fostex T10 HD650 balanced ALO green line  HD595   ALO Audio MKlllB+ portable headphone amp   Source MacAir Amarra 2.4   I'm keeping it simple    If anyone is interested I'll bring my vintage AKG K240 sextett (LP version) or Koss HV/1A
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