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I use XLD as well for down converting hi-res for CD's and MP3's,   I'm currently using the Mac>Amarra>A&K MKll as my DAC when not using it as my portable player,   Windows PC>JRiver would work as well with the A&K as a DAC
After 140 pages and lots of time, any thoughts on 1.0 vs. 1.2? 
The pics are great. I had no idea how you caught me in the ones I was in, I never saw you? BTW loved the Theogenes story!  A legend that lives on and on...
Dark Star Orchestra
(The) Drifters
Levon Helm
I posted the WA5 as the best amp I have heard with the HD800, detail, deep bass, crisp and clean.   Failed to mention the tubes: Sophia Royal Princess    and the DAC Schiit Yggdrasil   An expensive, and arguably end game, but what an experience the HD800 does indeed scale up   Music City Meet: thank you Dan (Mr.Speakers) for the opportunity to check it out
Amy Winehouse
Well that WA5 was so cool thank you Dan! The Ether HP sounded as beautiful as it looked.   The Cavalli Carbon a real treat.   Just like the last meet I took a few early pictures and then forgot to take anymore.     Quick impressions:   Sevenfeet your portable setup was incredible (OPPO HA-2/Android), but the conversation was better.  One of the most interesting people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.   Kilkil your reservation for the restaurant was much...
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