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"Breakdown" Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
"Get Ready" Rare Earth
Wilson Pickett
Rick Springfield
I'm currently going insane with the SACD out of my OPPO-BDP105>XLR balanced>Meier Classic>balanced HD800   The key is to trick the SACD output on the OPPO (the OPPO has to be in DSD stereo mode) to output to the HP amp directly, so I have the HDMI out to the (SACD enabled receiver) on without any connection via the receiver to the HP amp.   Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 30th Anniversary" SACD kills with the HD800,   quick take if you switch off the receiver...
That is completely cool, I've been really impressed with the sound straight out of the AK100ll, the AK240 is a step above that. Your HP reviews are without exception the best.  Can't wait to hear your new HP thought's.   
Young MC
"White Room" Cream
"It's Not The Night" The Cars
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