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"Sweet Emotion" Aerosmith
Aaron Neville
Rolling Stones Nashville 75,000 at LP field   Better than the last time I saw them in 1981, they defy age, Jagger still moves about the stage with ease, and vocally is better than when seen in "81, dude is 70 pulls up his shirt and shows off his abs.  Richards true to form smokes like a chimney off stage and kills as he hits every riff, and what a personality, blue collar rough, tough and sweet. Charlie Watts and Ron Wood the youngster at 68 were in shape and sharp. The...
The Nashville meet is usually 2 1/2 (Franklin) to 3 hours (Spring Hill) away from West Knoxville. At the last meet vendors were flying in from way outside the area and we have Head-Fi members from ALA, GA, MS, and KY drive in. You really need a large population base to draw from for such a niche inside a niche industry/hobby. No need to feel intimidated this is a very friendly group. Big range of budgets and some of the vendors have brought in amps you just read about.
Head East
"Dancing In The Street" Bowie and Jagger
Pratt signed on prior to Guardians so he was hungry for a paycheck, before he was really bankable.  He was in a smart show, Parks and Rec, so I'll cross my fingers
Linkin Park
One of the few times over the last few years I didn't read a review of the movie ahead of time.  My daughter really wanted to see it so I went in fresh with an open mind. I liked the special effects but I could predict every "plot twist" and the writing sucked.  Chris Pratt was great in "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and Ron Howard's daughter in other films can act so I can't blame the actors. It sells so now we will get more.
My thoughts on Sci-Fi, No matter how good the CGI or animatronics the best films are all about the writing, plot and the directors ability to manipulate the audience.   Sci-Fi graphics rarely hold up over time as the quality of special effects are ever evolving   Star Wars (1st three), Aliens, Star Trek ll, 2001, and Forbidden Planet they hold up, too many to list don't
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