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RIP Robin Williams    I think his serious roles worked much better for me than his Comedy, "Dead Poets Society" and "Good Will Hunting" are the usually mentioned, but   "Insomnia" is still my personal favorite.
Eric Carmen 
"Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)" Roy Orbison
"Caress The Gold" Billie
Thompson Twins
I thought the MKll was great, small and compact.  This amp kicks it up a level it has all the power of a desk amp.   Yes it has a hiss, but I can't hear it with music on, even on low with higher end HP's.   I like the Meier Classic (dead silent)  but this amp compares favorably with it, and its portable, my AKG K240 sextett is the single most difficult HP I own to amp and this has amp has juice to spare.  Plus it has incredible battery life,I can go multiple days...
(The) Offspring
"Hey Goldmember" Beyonce
Vinyl, "I Can't Stop Partying" written by Rivers Cuomo and Jermaine Dupri, this is a great song on a very underrated Weezer album. My favorite version of this cut is the "Coconut Teaser Mix" on the Weezer Raditude Club:  iTunes Pass bundle, no rap on that version and it rocks, it really rocks.
"Goldfinger" Shirley Bassey
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