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Thank you for all the feedback, very helpful!  I have the OPPO BDP-105, quality plus value, it is perhaps the best piece of audio equipment I ever bought  The HA-1 is nice but didn't blow me away, the HP's I have yet to try  The HA-2 blew me away, reminded me of the BDP series in a small package
Iron Butterfly
Steve Miller
I was at at the Music City meet this Spring and had the pleasure to listen to Sevenfoot's HA-2 set up.    I was impressed enough to buy it, I have a few questions re: use with the iPhone 6   Any best audio connection?   Which player would you rec: for Hi Res iPhone 6>HA-2
Very nice write up.  I liked my P5 well enough to upgrade the cable.   i think the P5 S2 upgrades the sound of the original version while retaining the best qualities of the P5 S1, specifically comfort, isolation, style and portability.   Compared to the 1st version, the P5 S2 delivers better bass and a more rounded and refined soundstage.   I prefer this HP over the noise canceling HP's, if the sound is colored it works with rock and that works with me.
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