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I was a kid in a candy store at the last meet, and this meet just keeps getting better and better, oh yea can't wait!   Theo, I have no idea what type of step down transformer to use with the Japanese STAX, my only experience is with SUT's and TT's with MC cart's, I'm looking forward to trying those STAX HP's out by the way 
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(The) Smashing Pumpkins 
I saw the commercial for the first time on a PGA telecast, golf is one of my few outside audio passions. What I liked, no one piece of equipment or even Woz was named, either you know it or you don't, If it's good enough for Woz it's good enough for me or is it the other way around 
Supposedly the early versions have a different sound signature than later versions, mine are roughly in the same era 25406, but we'll have to check it out at the meet!
^^ I just posted about Wosniak, then you end your post with the name Steve, YKWIM 
So sorry to hear about the car,   the HD800 story is amazing, the stuff of headphone legends  
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The Schiit website says 2-4 weeks, so I should have expected a wait, I'll let you know when it finally shows up. I don't have any hands on experience with the STAX IEM's, but be aware, if you aren't already, that the Japanese energizer's need to be the USA STAX, the Japanese STAX is a different voltage setup.  My understanding, if its the SR-003MK2 the matching driver is SRM-252S, earlier versions 002MK2 and 001MK1 are the matching SRM-002 and SRM-001I know the 002 driver...
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