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Natalie Bedingfield
Hotel California is the only 24/192 I have from HDTracks.  I hit the wall with that download, compressed it down to 24/96 and maybe it's my equipment, but I could not hear any difference.  A bunch more expensive and takes a up a lot of space.The rest of the Eagles catalog I have on CD and vinyl. The Beatles and The Cars are the only two groups I have all three versions in CD, vinyl and hi res.   I get the point about remastered albums, sometimes they are very good, and...
"All Around The World" Oasis
Danger Mouse
I'm bringing the Beatles Flac 24/44 Apple's original master tapes.   Muse "2nd Law," Paul Simon "Graceland," "CSN," Van Halen 1st and "1984," Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, McCartney, America (almost complete), The Cars (complete), Eagles "Hotel California," Tom Petty, Rolling Stones (Beggar's Banquet) Animals, Boston, Counting Crows, Heart, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac (almost complete) and several others.   Chesky's demo disc
I'll be more specific, the <$500 set ups I have with the HD800 did not work as well as the ALO Audio MKlllB+ and Meier Stack did. If there is a <$500 set up that's better than those two then maybe I wasted a lot of dough, frankly both the Meier and ALO  portable kicked the previous set ups to the curve, the HD800 is an unbelievable HP, I have the T1 but I keep going back to the HD800 its addictive. The sound with better recordings will reveal detail that my other HP's can't.
Ed Sheeran
I have multiple portable set ups less than $500 FiiO E11, AQ DF and previously a Bellari HA540.    this is a high end thread?   Seriously a $1500 HP driven by low end amps, I'm not trying to insult anyone, but when I said 5-10K as more of a potential end amp game for the HD800 I was serious. 
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