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Kid Rock
Ricky Nelson
They did, I have the original vinyl version but not sure if McCartney will do a hi res.
New Order
No, it was right!
Go to the Rockbox website it will go into detail about what works and what doesn't, very safe and very free those dudes that run that site are incredible. Unbelievable when balanced, I first tried these with the HD650 balanced.  (This weekend at the Nashville meet I should be able to see what they sound like with the HD800) 1st of all I never really believed that a cable change or a balanced cable would matter much, but having owned the ALO MKll and personally watched my...
Destiny's Child
McCartney, when he dedicates a master tape to hi res he usually does it well.  This album and "Venus and Mars" need to be a priority.
Natalie Merchant
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