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^^ Good luck, with that position, I hope you get it, growing up in Southern KY I always dreamed of living in Nashville, at least I'm close where I live now.
Love the Bengals, hate the Steelers, I too share that passion.Sorry to go to off tangent but one of my favorite players of all time was Cris Collingsworth, I was in Indianapolis going to school and caught Coliingsworth live on WLW racing a horse, it was a 100 yard dash and his description of the race so ridiculously funny and cool, I had a feeling he would hit the big time. He's still my favorite broadcaster.
"Hot Time Summer In the City" The Lovin' Spoonful
Randy Travis
    Fostex T10 1st pic is my version of an egg crate for the ears, modded from Koss foams very comfortable but very leaky. I decided to go more conventional with the AKG K240 ear pads. Sounds great but anxious to hear how GREQ is fairing with his new pads.
Sarah Brightman
"The Angel and The One" Weezer
"Angels Are Hard To Find" Hank Williams, Jr
12AX7 ?
Audio rabbit hole is a perfect description.  The quality vs cost curve on the HD800 is more exponential than logarithmic, just a tougher call. Agree the meets are the way to go. How tough was the mainline to assemble?
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