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Dinner yes I have been to both Edley's locations and the East of Downtown location has more room, Peg Leg Porker sounds great and if we want a Spring Hill BBQ locale Jack Of Hearts makes sense and has nice reviews on Yelp, thanks ImperialBlade for that suggestion.  Downtown Nashville on a Friday night can be busy.   Shirt yes L   Edit 4
That's my favorite Queen album, less experimental and tricked out, just a solid Rock album.
The Meier stack may be the "best bang for the buck" solid state system for the HD800 that I have heard, I'm off to another meet next week so plenty more AMP/DAC combo's to try.The Valhalla 2/Bifrost is solid and depending on the tube quality in the Valhalla a nice choice for a lower cost HD800 AMP/DAC .  I love the HD800 but some music just works better with this HP and acoustic might be the sweet spot.
HDTracks remastered 24/96 I own the original CD and vinyl, and this is just an amazing version so clean and really exceptional!
(The) Staple Singers
I totally agree on some reference albums for the show, Chesky was nice in theory, but in reality everyone was checking out everybody else's favorite tunes.   I recall The Eagles "Hotel California" coming up several times, as Philly said it has it all Rock, Guitars, Vocals, and Range.   For the Audeze LCD3F the sibilance from deep rap and electronica is crazy good, so I'm loading up Gorillaz "Demon Days," (check out "Kids With Guns" Good God!)   My favorite album with...
This meet is turning into Can Jam South, can't wait till the 18th.
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