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^^Interesting putting out the more expensive model out 1st. If this is the high end really expect it to be better than many of the other high ends already on the market.
I'm Back on the thread as-   Just received the email from OPPO $1099 out mid-April.  It might be good but it better be better than the T1 which can be had new for $900.
Nina Nesbitt
"Old Yellow Moon" Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
Great albums I don't have any Hi Res Police, how do you like this version of "Synchronicity."
A bargain compared to other systems and actually looks like a quality item.  If the vinyl is so warped you have to flatten it what shape could the surface be in? I could however see using this if the vinyl is out of production, nice info.
My favorite White Stripes album
"Rose Colored Times" Lisa Loeb
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