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Sun Ra
Dan Fogelberg
My Schiit Rag is bought and on the way.   So I check out the last few posts on this thread, and where was the hum talk before I made the purchase?   I'm cursed!
Aldo Novo
"Honey Don't" The Beatles
Off work today as we just had an Ice storm from hell. So plenty of time to play with audio,    I haven't been able to listen to another HP in weeks, the LCD3F and Rock what a great combo, Beatles High Res Flac    MBAir>Amarra 3.03 (LCD3 setting)>line out AK100ll balanced out>ALO MK3B+>balanced LCD3F
"Who'll Stop The Rain" CCR
Glad to hear you're OK    Nothing like having salt poured on your wound, I know how slow and careful you drive in normal weather and this is horrible weather, sometimes you have to get to and from work   We are still getting Sleet/Ice/Freezing Rain/Snow as I'm typing this power could go down any minute, branches are snapping outside and my dogs are barking and won't stop.   You're all in one piece and that's all that matters
I'll trade you "The River" for one of the Led Zeppelin shows His voice over the last two years comes and goes, I saw him in Nashville 6 months ago and he was good, but 5 years ago his voice was much stronger, last night on the SNL reunion show his voice was shaky on "Maybe I'm Amazed."  
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