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Young Bleed
I listened to the EL-8 a few hours into the meet, but assumed that was just the way they sounded, the Momentums at the time sounded much better so it all makes more sense to me now. I was impressed at the previous meet at how well the HP's and equipment were treated, so I hate to hear that about your HD800.
"Hey You" BTO
"Any Way You Want It" Journey
Watch for a day
Nine Inch Nails
I tried both the Rag and the Yggy out at the Music City meet along with a Woo Audio WA5 (in the background), with Mr. Speakers Ether HP's in foreground, the WA5 with Royal Sophia Princess Tubes is roughly 4-5X's the cost of the Rag, so not a fair comparison.  Per Mr. Speakers the Yggy is outstanding, I agree.  The Ether's are high end HP's.   The Rag is a fine solid state amp, a great amp at a great price, but it runs really hot...
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