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"Make It Nasty" Tygo
At 624 pages this is for anyone who ever played pinball, arcade games or video console games. Detailed, but the facts don't take away from the stories. In chronological order from the first pinball games and developers through Playstation 2.   The Atari chapters are amazing.  The account of Steve Jobs developing Breakout is more in depth than the recent Jobs biography. The founder of Atari Ned Bushnell seeing "genius in his eyes" hired Jobs despite his scruffy...
"You're All I've Got Tonight" The Cars
(The) Spinners
I'm bringing the HD800 and an HE400 would love to hear the HE560 or LCD 3, I'm still working on Focker he has an LCD 2 and gobs of Grado's.
"Lose Your Head" The Leftovers
The 24/96 lossless is killer, my favorite McCartney solo album "Long Haired Lady" is one of those throw away songs until you get to the main riff about midway thru the song then it's like something special happens.
Is there anyone else on this thread updated to Amarra 3.0?
"I'm A Loser" The Beatles
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