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Young Droop
 I actually considered that kit and the other few on eBay, but for that price I think I can DIY for 1/3 the price or less, so just call me cheapReally mind blowing stuff, thank you! Alcohol is an organic solvent so why you would use it on a carbon based product never made any sense to me Quick question, I am using conventional towels any thoughts on how to keep the static down?
Excellent advice on the disco ball motor, that's the one thing I was having trouble with.  I even considered using a rotating roaster skewer. I'm using distilled water and have seen recommendations from adding ethanol or a drop of photo solution, but so far I'm not sure if additions to the distilled water would add or subtract.The result with distilled water alone is better by 10X factor anything else I have ever done before old vinyl is sounding fresh and clean just amazing.
on the Empire-State-Building
Eric Church
I've been to several Head-Fi meets and the best setup I have heard so far with the HD800 is the setup by Mr. Speakers himself,Computer Audio>Schiit Yggy DAC>Woo Audio WA5 (Sophia Royal Princess tubes >$1000 each) it was awesome, but real expensive. That being said the HE1000 and the GSX-mK2 was superb I love the LCD-3F (my favorite hands down with Rock) and the HD800 with the GSX-mK2, just a great all around solid state amp. I can't wait to hear the LCD-4
I just DIY'd an ultrasonic vinyl cleaner (total cost $125.00) and the upgrade from the standard disc cleaning machine/washer is silly.   I'm not posting pics yet because it is just a crude looking setup, but basically I bought a 5L Trusonic Ultrasonic cleaner off eBay and used 4" cork discs bought from Hobby Lobby to protect the label.   I positioned notched plyboard and used skewers from the kitchen to hold albums in place above the distilled water bath, manually...
I saw them on the "Tatoo You" tour as well, BTW did you see yourself on the Blu-ray?
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